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The Oscars, 2010 Academy Awards March 7, 2010

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The Oscars, are again on tomorrow evening.  I’m not a movie buff .  But, I do find it interesting to see who dresses tastefully, and to see how they might accessorize.    To me this dress…speaks for itself-  if she did wear more accessories, it would have taken away from the beauty of this dress, although…I would changed out her silver bracelet for a bit more crystal glitter, and also crystal dangle earrings.  Those that make it to the worst dress section of the magazines, I’m sure aren’t thinking that is where they are going to be featured. Do you think they kept the dress…do they ever wear that dress again.  Where does it end up?  Even with these sophisticated gowns, do they wear them only once…and then are they auction off for charity?  Being in the public eye, the trends of what people will gravitated to, will depend on what comes of the Oscars. 

May your best pick win! Christina