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Team Effort…Day 41, photo 365 calendar project February 10, 2014

I was able to have these pickles stand up on their ends, without any effort on my part, but these pickles had to work together.  They did it! For about 10 seconds, enough time to pick up my camera, take a shot, and then they fell down!  Image

Day 41

Camera:  100 iso, 50mm, f/8.0 1/30


Recycle Day 33 – 365 Photo Calendar Project February 2, 2014


Day 33 -Recycle

Camera: 100 iso, 50 mm,f / 8.0,  1.30

I’m not that patient.  This is hard stuff, trying to get the herbs to stay in place,  I tried a glue stick, and then tried a glue gun instead, and then, I used more photoshop to clone in my peppercorns, oregano, and coriander seed, as I just couldn’t be patient enough!


Are you a fan of green smoothies?! Day 17 365 Photo Calendar Project January 18, 2014

Since, I’m not exercising, with my back out.  I had better eat a healthy breakfast…actually just eat breakfast would be a start!

So I made my first green smoothie in my blendtec.  Love my blendtec!!

What I added:
a handful of Kale,

1/2 peeled cucumber

1 peeled avocado

1 peeled green apple

1 stalk of celery

and a handful of ice.

It was thicker, that I thought it would be, and it was tasty and satisfying!


Day 17 – Smoothie

Camera:  Daylight, with the shutters behind, help control my light.  I love the spectacular highlights that are on either side of the glass, as the light wraps around the cup.   Iso 100, 50mm f/4.0  1/125