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Have you ever taken a selfie? Day 26 – 365 Photo Calendar Project January 26, 2014

The company Dove is inspiring with their beauty ads, and their empowerment when it comes to social media, in the form of magazine, tv ads, newspaper, and the high addicting social media.  As woman, we are bombarded daily by what and how we should define our beauty by.  We are told at just a young age, that if we have pimples, that we are too fat, how we should base our beauty on.  Dove did it again, with the concept of “Selfies”  I have never done that, to turn the camera on myself.   First check out this video by Dove, then check out my photo for the day, by first selfie  Image.

Day 26- Selfie

Camera:   Iso 800, 50mm, f/1.2, 1/40 sec   I had to have it on the green circle of death (automatic mode) so it could adjust and try to focus on appropriately!  That was quite fun, it’s a first!    Hi, Nice to meet you, thank you for coming and checking out my progress on this project…I have have to change it up…how many people actually want to see a picture of me, on a calendar!