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THINK GREEN!! Day 28 – 365 photo calendar project January 29, 2014

I do live in a cold climate, but the last 2 weeks, have been very nice, even despite, the warmer weather, we still have huge piles, that have now turned into ice.  I’m ready to think green, and hope for an early Spring!



Potential Day 27 – 365 Photo Calendar Project January 27, 2014


Camera:  Iso 500, 50 mm, f/6.3, 1/80 sec


Can you tell what this is? – 365 Photo Calendar Project January 21, 2014

This is shot from underneath a big fern leaf, with it being backlight.  I love all the lines and I love the green! Image

Camera: ISO 500, 100mm Macro Lense, f/2,8, 1.20 sec hand held


LOVE! February 21, 2013


Thank you for sharing your love with me during this past Valentine’s Day! Three of the children, that are shown in these portraits, are heart children. These three have had some BIG time complicated open heart surgeries. One of these children, is waiting for a heart transplant! 12 years ago, having my own heart child, that had open heart surgery at just 6 weeks of age, I can relate to these moms, and each of these children, what a great pleasure to bring out their personalities!

One of my darling friends, is post 25 years, since her heart transplant. She taught me years ago, that having a heart condition, not everyone realizes that it can take so much energy to do the daily tasks. She would sometimes encounter strangers that would mock her when she used a motorized wheelchair that was available to be used in a big store, like Costco or Wal-mart. These strangers, felt that she might be abusing the opportunity for someone else to use the device, who might of been more sicker than her. What a good reminder to me, that we shouldn’t judge, and we should look to the good in others!

“Be proud, of your scars”…it shows what these children have endured, and their strength to overcome,and these scars or in many cases known as “Zippers” to our heart children, represent so much more than the surgeries they have come through. It represents our tears, our worries, our prayers, the many doctor and specialist appointments, the many people that come and go in and out of our lives, the nurses, the echogram technologists, social workers, and of course, our hope for them to live a fulfilled life, as long as they can! In the words, of one of my favourite songs, by Mindy Gledhill, “All About Your Heart“…and was actually written for Stephanie Nielson, of the nie nie dialogues, who survived a fiery plane crash.

“Oh, I’ve loved you from the start
In every single way
And more each passing day
You are brighter than the stars
Believe me when I say
It’s not about your scars
It’s all about your heart”



What is Hoar frost? December 6, 2012

On the 2nd day of December…mother nature sent to me, “a hoarfrost and snowy evergreen trees”


Welcome to the land of the Great White North, also known as Canada! It really doesn’t snow all year long, and we don’t live in igloos! Only since, living in Calgary, Alberta, which is about 1 hour drive from the famous town of Banff which is nestled in the mountains, have I discover experiencing a hoar frost. Taken from Wikipedia, the definition is “refers to the white ice crystals, loosely deposited on the ground or exposed objects, that form on cold clear nights when heat losses into the open skies cause objects to become colder than the surrounding air. A related effect is flood frost which occurs when air cooled by ground-level radiation losses travels downhill to form pockets of very cold air in depressions, valleys, and hollows. Hoar frost can form in these areas even when the air temperature a few feet above ground is well above freezing. Nonetheless the frost itself will be at or below the freezing temperature of water.”

It really feels like you have just landed in Narnia! A hoar frost is stunning beautiful, every tree and bush is lined with ice crystals! It usually doesn’t last for too many days, and if you are really lucky you get a dump of snow, that then sticks to the landscape, making it even more breath taking.

On Sunday, I was determined to go out for a walk, to take a picture, as I already missed last weeks opportunity, and was so thrilled that a hoar frost had returned! I dressed up in my layers, as it was -10 Celcius (without the wind chill) and took this landscape just a block around from my home. Brrr…time to warm up, get the crackling fire roaring, and pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate. Christina


December Journey December 5, 2012

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Do you remember, anxiously waiting for the first of December? Each of my children, anxiously plea for their own special advent calendars before the 1st of the month. Cheap chocolate that can be found in skinny boxes, that have pictures of Santa and his elves, with numbers scattered all across the box.  It was a challenge just to find the right number, and then you would open one up each day of the week, to reveal the hidden goodie, of usually a chocolate in shape of a wreath, bell, or a stocking!   Advent calendars have gotten deluxe over the years, now you can buy them to reveal lego pieces, that will build a scene!  This month, I am going to be doing a photography journey through the month of December of anything that might catch my eye, that day.  You may even be able to recite, my made up verse,  that relates to December, or Christmas, with on the 1st day of Christmas, by true love send to me.

On the 1st Day of December,   a client shared with me, her little man, who I dressed in green”…..and I totally forgot, that grandma is Irish, and of course, loves the colour of this one!

Come see the days you may have missed at:



What colour will be the new trend? October 23, 2012

I woke up this morning to 10 cm of fresh white snow, and it’s only 1 week before Halloween.  The joy of living in Canada, near the mountains, where one needs to have your Halloween costume fit over your snow suit!   Already hoping that winter is over, when it hasn’t already even hit, has made me look forward to the Spring 2013 colours!

In 2012, the colour of the year was Tangerine, in 2011 it was honeysuckle.   Who’s the trend setter of colour?

Have you heard of Pantone?  Pantone is a subsidiary of X-Rite, which is the global leader in colour science, and technology.   Pantone is the source for colour, over 2,100 new colours have been created, which determines what colours will be in fashion for clothing, home decor to even paint!  I often would look to Pantone, when I was designing jewelry, so I would know what were the new fashion colours, to match with the semi precious stones I would use in creating.  Now, I look to Pantone, to see what colours are going to affect my photography props, and to recommend different colour palates for what to wear, accessorize, accent colours.

The predicament is that the “Monaco Blue” will be 2013 new colour trend…or perhaps “Poppy Red”…  We still have grey tones, which will look stunning with these two colours.    See the new colours for women for Spring 2013  and for Men for Spring 2013

Here is a great example for a  Monaco Blue and Poppy Red wedding

Scroll down in this link, to view colour palettes that go well together!  I can’t wait to see the new colours, that will be out soon in our fashion, home decor, and paint!  Christina