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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Are you a morning person? Day 43 photo 365 calendar project February 13, 2014

Day 43 Arise and Shine

It’s funny how in a family, someone is usually the early riser, and willing to get them up and going!! How fun!! Oh…and that’s not me, on most days!

Camera: 1so 100, 50mm, f.8.0, /30



Grass is Greener, 365 Photo Project, ~Sept 14, 2011 September 14, 2011

” The grass may be greener on the other side but at least you don’t have to mow it.” `unknown

No more needs to be said, with that quote above, other than, if you like to buy this pendant, it can be found at


Pendants, 365 Photo Project, ~Sept 8, 2011 September 8, 2011

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.”  ~Sonja Henie


Another creation, for upcoming craft markets!


Investing, 365 Photo Project, ~Sept 5, 2011 September 5, 2011

” The mix of art and fun, in only 1 brick!”  James Heald

I should have invested in Lego stock years ago,  but it sure does entertain boys for a very long time!



Oldie, Day 107, 365 Photo Project, ~August 12, 2011 August 12, 2011

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”  This son of mine, was almost 7 when this picture was taken, hard to believe he already has doubled his age! Such an oldie picture, just had to share!


Close up, Day 105, 365 Photo Project, ~August 11, 2011

“As is the gardener so is the garden”

Darn, missed out in getting more pictures, as the rain drops came out…don’t have a water proof camera as of yet!


Construction, Day 104, 365 Photo Project, ~August 10, 2011 August 10, 2011

The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.” ~Charles Dickens

This is a picture of the Calgary Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that is currently under construction up in the NW of Calgary, you will see it on your way out of Calgary, on Crowchild Trail.  Once it is completed, it will be open to the public so they can see what it is like inside, before it is dedicated.  What do we in these buildings?  Check out this short video: