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Have you entered today? “It’s Hip to Be Squared Grand Giveaway & Giveaways” January 8, 2013

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YOU CAN POST a picture or tell me every day of what you love this past season, that came in a box. Grand GIVEAWAY & Giveaways ENDS SUNDAY Night Jan 13, 11:59 pm. Winners will be announced Jan 14! You may book a Special Promotion Pricing for “It’s Hip to Be Squared” session through

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Giveaway #13 Hip to be squared photo session, with photo coasters

Giveaway #12 “Shh..don’t tell Tiffany” Peace necklace
Peace necklace

GiveAway #11 Sterling SIlver Ring, with vermeil Flower Size 7
ring flower

GiveAway #10
Onyx Sterling Silver Ring Size 7
onyx ring

GiveAway #9 “Shh..don’t tell Tiffany” bracelet

Giveaway #8 More Chocolate!
choc orange</a

Giveaway #7 "Sterling Silver Ring, Multi-interchangeable Size 7"
ring box

Giveaway #6 “Shh…don’t tell Tiffany” cuff bracelet

Giveaway #5″Shh..don’t tell Tiffany” Peace necklace
Peace necklace

Giveaways #4 “Shh..don’t tell Tiffany” Flower necklace”
flower pendant

Give Away #3 (who ever wins, giveaway #2 will also win giveaway 3, It’s a double whammy!)
scentsy bar

sand dollar Scentsy PlugThe prize to be won, is a Scentsy Sand Dollar plug in!

Here is a hint of another prize that can be won… a box of yummy lindt milk chocolates, that fit perfectly in their boxes!Box of chocolate

10x10 vivian trimling custom Cole

I am offering a COMPLIMENTARY “It’s HIP to Be SQUARED” 30-45 min photography portrait session to Alberta residents (must come to the home studio in Calgary SE) No travel expenses are included. With this grand prize, you will also be receiving a 8×8 storyboard, that will come in a black 12″ parisian frame, as shown below in previous post. Valued at 500+. Additional prints may be purchased.


Thrive and Etsy January 19, 2012

Are you into a regular routine, now that school’s back in?  Are you thriving in your new goals?  This year, I started making wonderful smoothies for breakfast! I am a consultant for Thrive in Canada, it just got launched Dec 1st, 2011..  You can find my page here:  Even if you aren’t from Canada, but are in the US you can still order off this site! As it’s an american based company that is rapidly expanding.  It will soon be launched in Japan!

  My morning breakfast is a smoothie using Thrive freeze-dried food!  It is the simplest way to prepare a simple but nutritious breakfast in the morning,  It’s mess free, cuts down the preparation time, and zero waste!  I have a pantry full of mangoes, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples, pineapple, peach slices, red seedless grapes, that are freeze-dried.  They just added cherries in a pantry size can, which I can’t wait to try out!!  The advantage is that when they aren’t open, shelf life can be up to 25-30 years!!!  Once open shelf life, 18 months-2 years!   My routine breakfast: any variety of 1/4 cup of all the fruit (I just listed) with a few pinches of spinach. Rehydrate by putting some water on top of the fruit for 3-5 minutes. I’m getting my fiber!  Then I put in my blendtec (best blender ever!!) a little bit of yogurt, and 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder.   Push the smoothie button, and less than 2 minutes a yummy delicious filling breakfast!  I can vary the taste, by adding more or fewer types of fruits I like! There is also bananas…I haven’t gotten those yet.   In Canada, we can’t yet order the flavored yogurt bites, but I can’t wait to try them ou, when dairy and meats gets added into the line!!  Next time, I will have to post a picture, as of right now, I have just the empty glass, beside me..which I should rinse out soon, as the natural sugars will adhere to it.   Then I go over to Etsy, and look at how my shop is doing.    I’m in the process of adding hair accessories this week.   I have so many things to list, it’s overwhelming on most days, so slowly I’ll get everything up! Keep checking in!  Christina


Another New Start and Direction for 2012 January 9, 2012

Hello! It’s been a while since I last posted.  It’s a beginning of another year, and I’m heading in several different directions! I just finished this fall, my last year of Jewelry Sales in community craft markets.  I have committed to doing no more…..kind of scary! I’ve even sold some of my displays.  I do have a lot of stock to get rid of, and so I need to start putting it online. 

The places to check out, as I try to continue to list items almost daily is  and  Zaybia is a “Made in Canada only” website like Etsy, but only features Canadian artists.  I just have a few things there listed.

I fell off the bandwagon doing my 365 project.  Fall, just gets so busy, with fulfilling my inventory for jewelry sales, and I didn’t want to compromise on putting up pictures that didn’t meet my standards.  This fall, I also introduced my line of photography cards to sell at shows, they are available online:

Now, that 2012 is here! I have had some time to open up my studio lights, and start taking pictures of children, and will venture a little on to this path.  I love taking pictures of them, it is so fun! I have put some of my pictures up on, a fun site that has a lot of contests to keep my creative juices flowing, and have won a few awards there!

I also started in the fall, another blog,  It helps one to get better prepared, and help to also promote,  a freeze dried product, that promotes zero % waste, with no preservatives, and additives.  Thrive was just launched Dec 1st, 2011 in Canada.  Something right up my alley.

Anyways, Stay tuned!







I didn’t want to not put up quality pictures.  I do miss taking a picture each day!




Adorn, 365 Photo Project, ~Sept 16, 2011 September 16, 2011

“Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly”. ~Epictetus

It really is a lot better picture of the rosette bobby pins, than just keeping them on the card, that I use to display them on.

These can be found at


Grass is Greener, 365 Photo Project, ~Sept 14, 2011 September 14, 2011

” The grass may be greener on the other side but at least you don’t have to mow it.” `unknown

No more needs to be said, with that quote above, other than, if you like to buy this pendant, it can be found at


Pendants, 365 Photo Project, ~Sept 8, 2011 September 8, 2011

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.”  ~Sonja Henie


Another creation, for upcoming craft markets!


Bottle Caps, Day 86, 365 Photo Project, ~July 23, 2011 July 23, 2011

“Judge one not by his charms, but by his qualities” ~Jones soda

Years ago, I started making some bottle cap necklaces for kids, and now, I have experimented again by making them with their names or cute pictures.  I plan to switch the necklace into ball chain, and add more charms.   

Natural sugar cane non carbonated soda, called Jones Soda comes with the one of a kind pictures on the labels (which you can even customize it for yourself!), but I think the fun that my boys find, are the fortunes found in the bottle cap themselves such as:

When life hands you lemons, squeeze the juice into a squirt gun and shoot it into other people’s eyes!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away-only if you throw it hard enough.”

Other Favourite quotes from some out there are:

Speak softly, and carry a big stick

The time to repair a leaky roof is when the sun is shining

Many who would be critics should know better

Pull my finger but do not linger

Check out these Jones Soda fortunes on this picture: