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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Precious Sadie’s Children Birthday Parties January 15, 2011

Over 3 years ago, I started offering Children Bracelet Birthday Parties.  Last year, I created another party, as one of my previous client, wanted me to come back, and create something new.  A new idea was created and it was really fun to go back and see the same birthday girl and her same guests three years later, now being 11 years old!   I did take pictures, but then I had forgotten they were on the memory card and erased them, without even checking, Boo hoo!!  A lot of fun comments, “This is so fun”, “You rock, this is the best birthday party ever!”.    These are fun times, with the children, and for the parent, it becomes apart of the activity as well as their “loot” bag.

Precious Sadie’s presents Birthday Party Creations for ages 6-13 

Clay Bookmark Party

Each guest makes their own clay beads with a sterling silver charm at the end of their creation.  $20 per guest, 2 hours, Gift wrapped


Create Your Own Bracelet Party

Design your own sterling silver bracelet using geniune glass beads, and semi precious stones.  Gift wrapped, 1-2 hours

Party of 6: $19 per guest

Party of 7-12: $18 per guest

*Add $2 per guest, if you would like to add a Sterling Silver Charm or 1 Initial to the Bracelet.  **Additional letters $3 each.

Available Friday nights after 5 pm and Saturdays only (based on availability)  I will come to your location!  Payment:  Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Cheque, paypal

PS….Are you Missing Out?  Interested in a party? Contact me though my comments!  Christina


Overlapping August 13, 2010

I’m definitely a person who enjoys being crafty! A few weeks ago, someone I know had a penny scrapbook sale (donations were accepted) to help raise funds towards a family that needs some extra funds for emergency medical bills! By the way…the week prior, I held a 5 days notice…non-profit jewlery sale for them and $550 was raised!  It was received with much appreciation and unbelief.

I went through my piles of scrapbook papers, and accessories and the person in charged asked if I had been scrapbooking since 2000, considering some of the papers that I had.  Actually, I started in 1994, when I was invited to a “Creative Memories” party.  Which, I’m proud to say I didn’t ever host one.    I almost got sucked into selling tupperware years ago.   I  also am very proud of myself, that I can say, I can walk  into a scrapbook store, and leave without hardly spending a dime!  I go in with what I need, and don’t come out with what I want.   

My crafty ideas surely overlap! In 1987, I learned to cross-stitch and create my own designs.     This I did for competitons, and magazine recognizations.  I loved to embellished, so I got into adding accessoires, such as buttons, metallic fibres, and then beads.  To spare the cost the of framing, I did smaller projects such as bibs, bookmarks, wall hangings, and blankets, so I found myself in the fabric section, buying material.  Even after my first cross stitch contest that I won, for “Crafting Traditons”, I redesigned and sewed  my own reversible child’s dress, for additional contest through their magazine, although I didn’t win.   I did my last Cross stitch competition in 2000.  Still doing scrapbooks and then into cardmaking, I also created a blue jean quilt out of hundreds of squares of worn out blue jeans, and made some “I Spy” quilts.   A toteful of blue jeans and squares still sitting about 10 years, I have aspirations of making another one!  I now, try not to keep any more jeans….Although, I was wise enough just last year, to donate all the material that was given to me when I made those “I spy” quilts’, to someone else who does make them!   I also made a few “I spy” bean bags  for the speech therapist at the hospital, so children could find all the objects that started with the letter “f”.

 Then I picked up making jewelery.  I dabbled around in making clay beads.  It’s harder than it looks, and wasn’t worth my time to make it worth my effort..although I have such cute beads!     I was told that I never stick to one craft long enough, and how long would a business really last.  Really?? Seriously….I think my crafts overlap everywhere I go! I put the clay down, but since June of this year, I have rediscovered how fun it can be with the right age of children!  I had the opportunity to host another birthday party for a same group of girls, 3 years later, who wanted a new project from me, and out came those beads and were used to make a clever bookmark!

I totally overlap! Yesterday, I walk into a rare hobby store that I sometimes visit, and chuckle to myself.  I’m in the cake decorating aisle.   I really should take up cake decorating, if I’m buying products from this department, but don’t know how to decorate a cake.     Then I go to a jewelry supply store, and think, “now, I’m in chemistry class”…glass beakers, kilns, flame distinguishers!

I walk into a craft store, and if you think I’m buying flowers for a bridal arrangement, I’m probably buying them to make them into a card, or for hair accessories.   If I walk into the scrapbook department, I’m not using it for scrapbooking, I’m using it for advertizements, mounting earrings, or even in some jewelry pieces.   If I’m in the baking department…I’m probably buying a cutter, where I can use it for clay.  I have a warp sense of looking at things.  When I walk into Winners (or a Ross/TJ Maxx in the US)…and look at decorative pieces…I see it in how I could use this in a jewelry display!  Even when I don’t think I need anything more!!

I also have picked up taking photography, to improve my jewelry shots.  I’m not aiming to be the next family photographer, as I like to work at my own pace!  But…once again, I’m overlapping! I love contests, and so far have won 2  community newsletters front pages, and a 2nd place in a real estate magazine.   So…who knows where this will all end up….but I do want to settle on reducing my jewelry compoments of feeling that I need to have everything that comes with it!  Other creative jewelry  ideas, that I’m always experimenting and trying my hand in…such as the fork…that actually is a bracelet, dominos into  pendants, interchangeable pendants, vintage typewriter keys into a bracelets, bamboo into pendants, scrabble tiles into pendants, and now this weeks experiment….back to precious metal clay! 

And you just thought, that those sections in the store where for those type of people that like that craft!   I like scrapquilting, beadstitching, clayplaying, jewelgraphy….