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What is your signature? February 22, 2013

What is the one thing that each one of us has, that shows our signature?

In every culture around the globe, we all have this to offer, in one way or another. In some countries, if you don’t have the popular signature, a bag may be placed over it, to hide it, and you are cast out, because you don’t fit in! As a professional photographer, I recently joined the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). PPA is a non-profit international association and has existed since 1869. Why did I join? I am friends in a social media site with one of the directors for ppacharities, David Grupa, who is very respectful, and gives great encouragement to new photographers, he was promoting this campagain, and encouraged many to join in a great cause. As a children photographer in Calgary, Alberta, I felt strongly to support this great cause, to help restore those that have lost their signature, their smile!!

Since 2005, PPA charities, has teamed up with Operation Smile! The goal: to raise $100,000 to help provide as many cleft lip, cleft palate, and facial deformities surgeries as possible. How much are the surgeries? $240.

How is this to be done? As Professional Photographers, that is our goal each day to capture signatures, your stories and your personalites!
We agree to: donate our time, and our costs, to provide you with a mini portrait session & a desk size print or a facebook image.
We ask you to help us, with YOUR donation of $24. You really are the ones that help us, in restoring their smiles, as we can’t do this without you!!
Our goal, then is to try to book at least 10 photography sessions, which would cover the cost of 1 surgery. 100% of your donation goes directly to the cost of the surgeries!

Can I count on your support? I am so far, the only Canadian photographer, that has taken this step to join those in the US, for this great cause of “Celebration of Smiles”. My Sessions will run on April 5 & April 6. Contact Information, can be found on my website: If you are in the US, and would like to participate please find a participating studio near you. Please watch this video by Operation Smile, and perhaps you will also feel moved to changed someone’s signature for the better! Christina

Celebration of Smiles for webpage


Have you entered today? “It’s Hip to Be Squared Grand Giveaway & Giveaways” January 8, 2013

Have you put your vote in for today? The Giveaways are increasing!!

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#5. Nominatee someone for the Olivia Act (for a free gift of photography, complimentary session with 5,8×10 to a family that could not afford it, this is to honor the Conn. children that past away in December).
#6. A past client? Please, leave a testimonial with your willingness for Christina to publish it online, through her contact page, or email.

YOU CAN POST a picture or tell me every day of what you love this past season, that came in a box. Grand GIVEAWAY & Giveaways ENDS SUNDAY Night Jan 13, 11:59 pm. Winners will be announced Jan 14! You may book a Special Promotion Pricing for “It’s Hip to Be Squared” session through

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Giveaway #13 Hip to be squared photo session, with photo coasters

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10x10 vivian trimling custom Cole

I am offering a COMPLIMENTARY “It’s HIP to Be SQUARED” 30-45 min photography portrait session to Alberta residents (must come to the home studio in Calgary SE) No travel expenses are included. With this grand prize, you will also be receiving a 8×8 storyboard, that will come in a black 12″ parisian frame, as shown below in previous post. Valued at 500+. Additional prints may be purchased.


Looking for some sweetness October 18, 2012

Do you have a girl, that is between the ages of 2 to 6?  Does she like to dress up, and were pretties in her hair?  Looking for models for an upcoming model session, that have the following colours in their wardrobe, either: red, grey, white, black, or pink.   Even if your child is shy, that can work too!  Model releases must be signed.  This is a complimentary session, in return, you will receive a print credit for your time that can be applied to a print or prints, or a product.  Please comment here, or private message me through my contact at, or through facebook, “Christina Parker Photography” small business in Calgary,  Alberta.


Sitting pretty at 49 September 29, 2012

Today, I decided I wanted to revamp my blog! I was operating under my Precious Sadies website before, and even though I had 4 years of running it successfully, I thought it was mighty time I really should revamp it and start fresh!  I’m sitting pretty at 49 likes on Facebook, and once 50 hits, the free giveaway is a $10 gift certificate to Marble Slab if in Canada, or in the US, to “Cold Stone Creamery”. The extra chance to add your own favourite ice cream flavour, by posting on this blog, would earn you an additional chance of winning!  Wouldn’t you want to have an extra chance to win! What are you waiting for!  Come over to Facebook if you haven’t already, and check out my photography, if you like it, Like  “Christina Parker Photography”  Small Business in Canada, and post here your favourite flavour of ice cream!!


Miracles and Blessings of Twins February 5, 2012


I wish I paid more attention to the finer details, when my children were small.  It’s been a long time since I took pictures of my children, when they were babies.  I love how one of the pictures (shoulder/ear), it shows the laguno, or the fine downy hair that a newborn is born with.    My first opportunity to photograph a newborn with my new backdrops wasn’t just with one newborn, but with two! These two non-indentical brothers, were miracles to their family, as well as their older brother, from a lot of speciality doctor appointments. 

They were born 2.5 months early, at just over 2lbs each.  When I had the priviledge to photograph them, they had just hit the 5lb milestone mark, at their due date.   They were awake for most of the session, and it wasn’t until near the end of the session, when we got them asleep.  Peed on once, such a tiny amount, it goes unnoticed.  I love the coming out smelling fresh like a newborn.  The best part, is getting a lot of cuddles in!  Thank you for this opportunity! Christina


What is the whisper? PS presents… February 4, 2012

What is the whisper?….Precious Sadie’s presents, “Christina Parker Photography”.   Without the beginning of Precious Sadie’s, my own company of jewelry and hair accessories, I would have not had the desire to improve my jewelry pictures, and my learning more about photography.   In the fall of 2009, I enrolled as a continued education student through SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology).  It took me almost two years, to complete my photography certificate, a min. of 8 courses.  I have actually taken a total of 11 courses, as I have also enrolled in some online classes.   I have literally enjoyed each class, I encounter, and think I need to buy more equipment with almost each class that I do.  I’m continue to learn by reading many books, buy videos, and practise, practise, practise!    Photography fills my creative needs, and it’s less messy than beads!  I can still pay close attention to the details, I have a home studio set up which has been fun, to practise during the cold winter months.  I can’t wait to get outside!  I have fallen in love with taking pictures of children, and know that this will be a focus for me. I still have a huge collection of beads and supplies, and now I’m been busy collecting props, and getting ready to launch into my new direction.   Precious Sadie’s still exists, in a limited way…Christina Parker Photography, just falls under it.  I have many hair accessories, and some jewelry items up on the handmade site of Etsy, through, and many more to still list. I do have my flower cards listed on Etsy! I do love my macro lense!  I will keep the component of doing hair accessories for children, as they make great photography props, perhaps even include some in future photography packages!      Please note, even though this is my Precious Sadie’s site, it will now be converting more of this blog to  “Christina Parker Photography”, as I build up my portfolio and will be launching soon!     Thank you for your continual support! Christina


Bottle Caps, Day 86, 365 Photo Project, ~July 23, 2011 July 23, 2011

“Judge one not by his charms, but by his qualities” ~Jones soda

Years ago, I started making some bottle cap necklaces for kids, and now, I have experimented again by making them with their names or cute pictures.  I plan to switch the necklace into ball chain, and add more charms.   

Natural sugar cane non carbonated soda, called Jones Soda comes with the one of a kind pictures on the labels (which you can even customize it for yourself!), but I think the fun that my boys find, are the fortunes found in the bottle cap themselves such as:

When life hands you lemons, squeeze the juice into a squirt gun and shoot it into other people’s eyes!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away-only if you throw it hard enough.”

Other Favourite quotes from some out there are:

Speak softly, and carry a big stick

The time to repair a leaky roof is when the sun is shining

Many who would be critics should know better

Pull my finger but do not linger

Check out these Jones Soda fortunes on this picture: