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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Are you a morning person? Day 43 photo 365 calendar project February 13, 2014

Day 43 Arise and Shine

It’s funny how in a family, someone is usually the early riser, and willing to get them up and going!! How fun!! Oh…and that’s not me, on most days!

Camera: 1so 100, 50mm, f.8.0, /30



Life is like a tower of pretzels! 365 photo calendar Project February 6, 2014


I haven’t fallen off the bandwagon, yet…I may be delayed one or two days…but I’m trying to keep going strong!!

Day 36: Life

Camera  100, 50mm f/5.6, 1/30.   Has a triangle feel, from the tower, to the fallen tower, to the single pretzel, leading lines take your out to the end of the image, but the lonely pretzel draws you eye back to the centre.



Day 25 – Bright sunrise 365 photo Calendar Project January 26, 2014


Day 25 – Sunrise

Camera- 100 iso, 50mm  f/6.3 1/400 sec

I was standing up on the high grounds of the temple, and seeing the sun coming over just overlooking the city!! Why do I not want to jump out of my nice warm cozy bed every morning, to capture the sky and city landscape!!   So, glad I did on Saturday!