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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

See the reveal Day 40 365 photo Calender Project February 9, 2014

If you cut an apple through the middle, you can see the inner  beauty! Image

ISO 100, 50,,. f/9.0, 1/250 sec


Little behind Day 39 – 365 photo Calendar Project



Oil and water mix? Day 38 – OIl 3 65 photo Calendar Project



Making my life easier…Freeze Dried food! Day 37, 365 Photo Calendar Project February 7, 2014


My dinner, if you haven’t heard of Thrive, and like to know more, let me know!


Life is like a tower of pretzels! 365 photo calendar Project February 6, 2014


I haven’t fallen off the bandwagon, yet…I may be delayed one or two days…but I’m trying to keep going strong!!

Day 36: Life

Camera  100, 50mm f/5.6, 1/30.   Has a triangle feel, from the tower, to the fallen tower, to the single pretzel, leading lines take your out to the end of the image, but the lonely pretzel draws you eye back to the centre.



Have you noticed my bigger smile? -365 photo Calendar Project


I am definitely a little happier with this 100 calorie pack, look how many chocolate pretzels, one has in this pack!! It took me a little long to savor this package!

IS0 100, 50mm, f/8.0, 1/30


To avoid disappointment .. Day 34 Photo 365 Calendar Project February 3, 2014

Don’t take the small goodies out of those 100 calories portion bags…as you might be a slight disappointed in what you actually get.  I prefer not to know, and be pleasantly surprised when I find out, that I only have 1 or two left, when I demolish it in literally 5 secs. So repeat after me.  “to avoid disappointment, portion control in small packages, will make me happy when I step on the scale”..x 99….and don’t reach for another bag!

Day 34 – Happy

Camera:  100 ISO, 50mm, f/10, 1/30