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Another New Start and Direction for 2012 January 9, 2012

Hello! It’s been a while since I last posted.  It’s a beginning of another year, and I’m heading in several different directions! I just finished this fall, my last year of Jewelry Sales in community craft markets.  I have committed to doing no more…..kind of scary! I’ve even sold some of my displays.  I do have a lot of stock to get rid of, and so I need to start putting it online. 

The places to check out, as I try to continue to list items almost daily is  and  Zaybia is a “Made in Canada only” website like Etsy, but only features Canadian artists.  I just have a few things there listed.

I fell off the bandwagon doing my 365 project.  Fall, just gets so busy, with fulfilling my inventory for jewelry sales, and I didn’t want to compromise on putting up pictures that didn’t meet my standards.  This fall, I also introduced my line of photography cards to sell at shows, they are available online:

Now, that 2012 is here! I have had some time to open up my studio lights, and start taking pictures of children, and will venture a little on to this path.  I love taking pictures of them, it is so fun! I have put some of my pictures up on, a fun site that has a lot of contests to keep my creative juices flowing, and have won a few awards there!

I also started in the fall, another blog,  It helps one to get better prepared, and help to also promote,  a freeze dried product, that promotes zero % waste, with no preservatives, and additives.  Thrive was just launched Dec 1st, 2011 in Canada.  Something right up my alley.

Anyways, Stay tuned!







I didn’t want to not put up quality pictures.  I do miss taking a picture each day!