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Time to do some bragging! October 16, 2012

To prepare the scene, I had my father and my son be witnesses.  Once I got to 50 likes,  I wrote out everyone names that liked “Christina Parker Photography” small business in Calgary, Alberta.  Everyone was included to win a $10 ice cream gift card.   Those that told me of their favourite ice cream flavours, got their name written twice!  My father made sure each paper was cut to perfection, and folded into the bowl.   I held up the bowl,  and my son, pulled the winning name, and the winner is….

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   Congratulations, Sarah Leishman!!  She was a lucky one that got her name entered twice, since she told me her favourite ice cream flavour was creme brulee….perhaps you can go get yourself a litre, and go hid in the bathroom, and indulge!  Congratulations! Thank you for your support… Sarah time for you to do some bragging about your winnings!    Christina



Isn’t she just a doll! April 8, 2012

Once again, I got the privilege to come into a home, and see and hold their most prized possession.  I feel truly honoured and blessed to be a special visitor to capture a moment of time in a portaiture.

Isn’t she just a doll! How can some girls, just be born with so much black hair?  Just like her mom and dad! She has two big sisters, and looks very similar to her sister that is closest to her in age.  I took pictures of her on Saturday afternoon, with natural light, but I rather take pictures earlier in the day, as the sun isn’t as harsh and unpredictable.  I have noticed a lot of variation in the pictures because of the light.  I may just have to take a few more portraits, so I feel totally satisfied…and sneak a few of her big sisters in, too!  Once again, this brand newborn, 1 week old, was checking out my camera!  Even with the room heated, her session made her hungry, and wide awake!  In years to come, better watch out Dad, the boys will be after her! She already is such a cutie!


Oh boy! April 7, 2012

Oh boy! I got the privilege to hold and take pictures of this 2 day old sweetheart!  Mom is especially happy to have him come one week early, when he came in weighing 9lbs and 11 ounces.   He came in the middle of the night, when his older siblings were all still sleeping, and was born at home with a midwife.    This is their 5th child, and their 2nd home birth, and this time it was finally covered under health care.  It was a great experience for them having a home birth, as it sure helps being in your own environment and not having to have hospital food.  Today was a quiet, peaceful day, and I’m sure an exhausting day, with a health check by the midwife, and with me taking the time to take some treasured pictures.

The exciting part for me, I get to see another newborn before the week is over!  Christina


Model Search Vintage Pedal Car Picture Photo Session February 14, 2012

Well I’m back from Vegas!  I met people from all over the world! It is the most grandest, biggest photography convention show of about 16,000 attendees!  Lots of advice, and training from the pros, which leaves me a lot of work to do!  Model Search in Calgary, Alberta.  Looking for boys ages 1-4 years. Please share your story, of why your model should have his picture taken in this vintage pedal car! 

Deadline is March 15,  2012! Hoping for better weather! Photo session may take place inside at my studio location or outside (weather depended) in Calgary, Alberta.

Come “like” me on Facebook, at “Christina Parker Photography” or here on this blog “Precious Sadie’s”.   Please comment, and pass on the word by having your friends  tell me they were sent by you, they can help qualify you for more chances to be picked!  In return, you will receive a photo credit towards the print size of your choice.

Thank you, Christina

PS…In my spare time, between motherhood duties, I will be working on my website, “Christina Parker Photography”, so please stay tuned.


Jumping In! February 6, 2012

It wasn’t too long ago, that I was walking with my two younger children (ages 9 and 10, at the time), and came across a very big puddle! We were all wearing running shoes, and rather than walking around, I held both of their hands on either side of me, and being a BIG kid,  I decided to make a quick jump right in the middle! My shoes were soaking, muddy water dripping down from my legs, and the shriek of their faces, were shocked that I dare do something like this and get them all wet, too! It was classic!! Of course, I did a little murmuring afterwards, that my socks were wet, and my daughter, Sadie’s exclaimed, “Well, that’s what you get when you jump in a puddle without boots!”. 

I liken this experience to studio photography!  Casually, I mention to my husband, that I could get a job at a studio, they were hiring for a photographer, so I could learn and practise on someone else’s expenses.   He didn’t think that was a great idea, he knew I already had the skills and he didn’t care for me to go find a job under someone else when it wasn’t necessary, and it would cause more strain on our family working on someone else’s schedule. Life would just become more hectic, working for someone else. He is supportive.    So, this literally got me thinking overnight, that I have the space and the desire, and the winter months to practise in my own home, he was right, I could have a lot of fun in my own area learning!

Some think, that I buy whatever I want, when I want.  I don’t. I can walk into a store, look around, and walk out, without buying anything.  I  spend hours, days, and then weeks, in researching, and deciding what I like and what would be best for my circumstance.   That is one way, I find great deals on travelling, only because of the time I put into it! Although sometimes, I have to make the best decision quickly, so I don’t lose out.  With my husband traveling to the US, it was the perfect opportunity to bring a few items home.  So, I thought, I might as well, JUMP on IN, with full force!  I love…but why can’t they ship all their nifty things to Canada, we just don’t get the same selection like we do in Canada on!  

So, I went ahead, and bought some studio lights and a backdrop stand from, the best place to save on lenses, and other equipment, in Calgary, you will pay a few hundred more!  I’ll shop locally to compare, but buy online.   I also had him bring me home some white and black muslin. I was on my way in collecting supplies…well, until after December, once I was done jewelry shows, then I could open up my purchases and get practising Christina   (this picture is not the studio light I bought, but very similiar) 

And the twins in my previous post that I took, were in natural light (even though I had my lights up), I used natural lighting for that session!


Miracles and Blessings of Twins February 5, 2012


I wish I paid more attention to the finer details, when my children were small.  It’s been a long time since I took pictures of my children, when they were babies.  I love how one of the pictures (shoulder/ear), it shows the laguno, or the fine downy hair that a newborn is born with.    My first opportunity to photograph a newborn with my new backdrops wasn’t just with one newborn, but with two! These two non-indentical brothers, were miracles to their family, as well as their older brother, from a lot of speciality doctor appointments. 

They were born 2.5 months early, at just over 2lbs each.  When I had the priviledge to photograph them, they had just hit the 5lb milestone mark, at their due date.   They were awake for most of the session, and it wasn’t until near the end of the session, when we got them asleep.  Peed on once, such a tiny amount, it goes unnoticed.  I love the coming out smelling fresh like a newborn.  The best part, is getting a lot of cuddles in!  Thank you for this opportunity! Christina


What is the whisper? PS presents… February 4, 2012

What is the whisper?….Precious Sadie’s presents, “Christina Parker Photography”.   Without the beginning of Precious Sadie’s, my own company of jewelry and hair accessories, I would have not had the desire to improve my jewelry pictures, and my learning more about photography.   In the fall of 2009, I enrolled as a continued education student through SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology).  It took me almost two years, to complete my photography certificate, a min. of 8 courses.  I have actually taken a total of 11 courses, as I have also enrolled in some online classes.   I have literally enjoyed each class, I encounter, and think I need to buy more equipment with almost each class that I do.  I’m continue to learn by reading many books, buy videos, and practise, practise, practise!    Photography fills my creative needs, and it’s less messy than beads!  I can still pay close attention to the details, I have a home studio set up which has been fun, to practise during the cold winter months.  I can’t wait to get outside!  I have fallen in love with taking pictures of children, and know that this will be a focus for me. I still have a huge collection of beads and supplies, and now I’m been busy collecting props, and getting ready to launch into my new direction.   Precious Sadie’s still exists, in a limited way…Christina Parker Photography, just falls under it.  I have many hair accessories, and some jewelry items up on the handmade site of Etsy, through, and many more to still list. I do have my flower cards listed on Etsy! I do love my macro lense!  I will keep the component of doing hair accessories for children, as they make great photography props, perhaps even include some in future photography packages!      Please note, even though this is my Precious Sadie’s site, it will now be converting more of this blog to  “Christina Parker Photography”, as I build up my portfolio and will be launching soon!     Thank you for your continual support! Christina