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What Colour are You? February 8, 2012

Have you ever heard of the colour code personality test? I did the test about 18 years ago, from the book, “The Color Code” (us Canadian spell colour with a u!).   It’s based on 4 colours that determine your type of personality, and you can have a combination of each colour in you, but one usually is more dominant than the others. The colours are RED: type A personalities, leaders, grab life by the horns, and take charge!  BLUE: loyal people, tendency to hold grudges, love to give service and nurturer.  WHITE:  don’t like confrontations, are peaceful, quiet, internal thoughts, good listeners, and YELLOW:  fun, partiers,  no rules, Free, no consequences.   

Anyways, I took the test years ago, my results were a bit more white, then blue, some yellow, and 1% red.  So mostly white and some blue make up my traits.  One of the traits, did not mention that comes with a white personality is having a hard time making decisions!  One of my best friends, also scored a “white” for this personality test.  We often joke about our indecisiveness when it comes to making decisions, by saying “We are so white”, even though we are caucasian and do live in Canada, we truly are white!   Someone once told me it’s a sign of a perfectionist, not making decisions, as you are afraid, that you will make the wrong choice. I’m not a perfectionist, if I was, my house would be constantly clean and in perfect order…and I wouldnt never be able to leave the house, as I might not be good enough, for others to see.  Oh well, what you see, is what you get, and I’m happy the way I am!  I’m not making any excuses! I love the way I am, and happy to make the most of what I want to do!  Yesterday morning,  I spent my time de-junking my closet and organizing it, what a chore! I guess if I kept on top of my home, then it wouldn’t take as long to do it, or would it?  What else would I do with my time?

I’m do expect being a perfectionist only when I sell something I make, as it’s a reflection of me. Recently, I just read and learned, deciding on choices, is not about making the wrong choice, but realizing you’re going to be missing out, when you can’t have both! That, I totally agree with…it’s like eyeing your friend’s meal, as it looks even more tasty than the one you just ordered! Don’t we all seem to do that…and then try to nudge off a friendly taste on our behalf, just so we know we haven’t missed out entirely!

After getting my muslin and studio lights, I knew my decision that would be next would be backdrops! What is a girl supposed to do, when you are a 
“White” personality, and there are just so many choices to choose from!

Well….I tried covering my bases, I order several combinations of colours to fit the mood!  Dark Blue, Brown, Pink, Baby Blue, Black Damask, and a Mixture of Green/Blue with different combination of flooring! Woot Hoot! Lots of fun combinations…and I thought I might as well order a lot, rather than pay for more shipping down the road!

After ordering, there weren’t as wide and tall, as I had hope, so I now really know I need to focus on children, as they are the perfect size! …unless I do pets (in a separate area)

If you like to check out the of the Color Code, by Taylor Hartman, you may find it at your public library.  I see there are several other books he has put out.  You can check for more explanations of the test online here:  the colour code test.  You can take a free test, or you can pay to take the colour code comprehension test, and save money, use coupon code PASS-53EK to save $10 off at


Top 2008 Names January 28, 2009

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1 Ethan Emma     
2 Jacob Ava     
3 Noah Olivia     
4 Aiden Isabella     
5 Jack Madison     
6 Logan Sophia     
7 Ryan Abigail     
8 Matthew Emily     
9 Jackson Addison     
10 Michael Chloe     
11 Gavin Ella     
12 Jayden Lily     
13 Andrew Hannah     
14 Joshua Mia     
15 Tyler Grace     
16 Dylan Samantha     
17 Alexander Alyssa     
18 Nathan Elizabeth     
19 William Sarah     
20 Daniel Taylor     
21 Benjamin Natalie     
22 Nicholas Alexis     
23 Evan Avery     
24 James Anna     
25 Mason Hailey

Here are the top 25 names of 2008.  This past fall, I had a few neat experiences, around the name Sadie.  A young grandmother came ahhing over the custom name bracelets, and seeing a sample, that read “Sadie”, she was even more touch, with a new addition to the family, with this name.  Later, they came back with baby Sadie in tow, and said, “Isn’t this precious! and then realizing again, that the name of  the company is “Precious Sadie’s”. 

I have actually hit the top 2008 list for custom bracelets, for boys:  Logan and Noah, and funny, I have done at least 4 Emma’s , 5  Mya/Maya, Victoria’s, Ava’s, Sophia’s,  Madison’s and many more names that aren’t always in the top 25, it’s amazing to see the duplicates, like Charolette, Sadie’s or even Amy’s.

Sadie is a diminutive form of Sarah in Hebrew, and means princess.  Interesting, I found out that in Spanish, it comes from Mercedes, which is another name in Spanish for the Virgin Mary.(Maria de las Mercedes).

Precious came from the idea of semi precious stones, precious jewelry, and of course, precious children!

Do you like your name and does it have a special meaning to you?


Wedding Jewelry September 23, 2008

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Swarovski Crystal Cubes

Swarovski Crystal Cubes

I hadn’t really ever considered doing wedding pieces, until I had a phone call, encouraging me to meet with an owner of a local bridal store, the next day! I had one day to prepare with what I had on hand. My mom and a friend came over to organize my bead mess that night, and to help me find some creativity.

The next day, I had my meeting and brought several pieces that were pink, as I had no wedding colours. I took a look around at what styles were being offered in this “Beautiful Bride” store. They agreed that they would buy one necklace and earrings set from me. Now, of course, I came out of the store with two ideas, not just one. I decided from that day on, that I was doing wedding jewelry; in order for me to keep my costs low and make profit, I had to buy in bigger quantities! I fell in love with Swarovski round and cube crystals, went back to the store and sold two necklace and earrings sets, that I had envisioned and created! Thank you to the owners who gave me the confidence to go forth!


Though word of mouth, I have done many more weddings for brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and it has been delightful! I cut out the middleman, to pass on the savings to you!           


First Creation September 16, 2008

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The first thing that I created were children bracelets. I tested out my “true” friends, that gave me honest opinions of what they thought.  I did a lot of research to find out sizing and safety factors. For most jewelry, it is only secured once on either end. For children’s jewelry and any heavy semi precious stones, I always double secure it! I factor in a special piece that acts as a weak point, as long as it is worn properly, if the piece were to get caught, it should break away, without all the beads going in many directions! Over 80 custom creations and counting, so far!




Victoria's Pearls

  My first bracelet was sold to Leslie for her daughter  “Victoria”.  This above picture, is her 2nd bracelet, that compliments the first one that was created.   I resized her first one, when I created her second one, and Victoria wears both bracelets at the same time. 

Victoria 1st and 2nd
Victoria 1st and 2nd

“Hi Christina  – just now had a chance to take a close look at the bracelet!  It is gorgeous!!”  –Leslie





Include matching extender chain, choice of any colour combination of Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, Czech Glass, Cats Eye Grade A, Sterling Silver or Vermeil Findings. Additional Sterling Silver letters are $3 each or $4 for the heart letters. Each bracelet is custom named for the wearer, and includes custom insert in the organza bag.


Boys: Come in a jean bag, with no extender chain, that just is not cool! I use semi precious stones for the boys bracelet. 


Additional Letters $3 each, Charms $5, or more, if custom charms are ordered.

Age 0-2, include 1 sterling silver letter, in the middle of the bracelet. $25
Age 2+ , include 1 sterling silver letter, choice of heart or square letter in the middle of the bracelet or on the extender chain. $30


Award Winning Cross Stitch Designs to Beading July 8, 2008

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I fondly remember my Grandmother making her “Follow the Lines” stitchery calendar that she would pick up on our vacations to Florida. It had brillant 70’s coloured sequins and usually flowers, or fruit. When I was eleven, I could not “Follow the Lines” on my expected project to stitch a simple verse, as I was all thumbs.I didn’t really appreciate, my grandmother’s hobby, until after her death, when I was willed one of her stitchery projects. It took me some time, to realize that it was a “Follow the Lines” kit!I come from a creative family. My mother is very good at sewing, knitting, petty point, cross-stitch, and is a great cook, too. My father created art for point of sale displays, and at one time he actually hand made and design the decals for advertizing on a car! He hates how computers have taken away what he could do with his hands. He has beautiful calligraphy!As a teen, I remember receiving lots of kits from relatives to encourage my hands to work in harmony. I did my share of rug hooking kits, which I did enjoy.  It wasn’t until I was about 19 that I discovered that I really could cross-stitch, by having one hand on top of the cloth, and the other underneath.
In the 90’s, I decided to enter the Calgary Stampede and Exhibition. I followed a pattern (without lines!) and made a carousel horse, with 3-D tassles. No rewards or ribbon. Then, I discovered, that if you entered original designs, you had a better chance in winning. So, I set out to create an original. I did a lot of History of Alberta (as I’m not originally from Alberta). A friend, Tole painted the Alberta for me, and unfortunately, my mother lost her beautiful wild rose flower for me to put in my shadow box picture frame.
I won a 3rd ribbon that year, creating an A-Z sampler of Alberta, and the mountains that I made happen to all be freehand! Barb K, wrote to me after the competition, “I think your Alberta Alphabet that is displayed at Stampede is a delightful piece of work. A very original idea and beautifully executed. Had I been judging – a red ribbon at least. Very refreshing -among all the predictable counted cross-stitch pieces. I spent a long time looking at it. Thank you for sharing your creation with us.”

The following year, I did an original A-Z sampler about school, and framed it in such a way, that if someone had 3 children, they could interchange the pictures each year. It also won a 3rd ribbon.  I have 4 children, so I don’t use it.  I really should sell it to someone.  If your interested, I will post a picture.

Next time, I entered an original blanket, that I made of Snowmen showing the different seasons and embellished with beads and buttons. I received an honorable mention!  I sold  this original blanket on Ebay, but do have patterns of it in my files. 

I then realized that there were contests out in magazines, that I could actually win money for! My addiction continued. The magazine contests were more affordable, as I switched to small projects, without having pieces to be framed!

My first magazine I entered, was “Crafting Traditions” and made a scarecrow with a verse, and even sewed some fabric around it into a small wall hanging or hot pad. I won, 3rd place and $200 US!

Next, I discovered “Leisure Arts: For the Love of Cross-stitch”. They held 2 contests each year, I would stitch like mad, to get as many entries in to increase my chances of winning. I also would get tennis elbow, and I still do when I bead too much!!

I was very successful and won many more contests (2nd places, 3rd places) plus had designs bought from me, and then one day, I just put it away. I do still have a few unfinished designs! Perhaps, I will one day go back and finish a leaflet of baby bibs and my Christmas Sampler.

Published in these magazines:
Crafting Traditions: July/Aug 1997 “Scarecrow Sampler” 3rd
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” June 1997 “Star Seeking” stocking
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Nov 1997 “Love is the Key Bookmark 2nd
Leisure Arts: August 1998, purchased 5 designs for vinylweave magnets & 3rd place
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Nov 1998 “O Holy Night” fingertip towel
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Dec 1999 offer to buy to jar lids, “Cranberries, and Candy cane seeds”
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Nov 1999 “USA 2000” (3rd)
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Jan 2000 “USA 2000” pattern
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” May 2001 “Gems & Jewels” sachet (3rd)
Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” June 2002 “Made in the USA” bib Leisure Arts: “For the Love of Cross-stitch” Nov 2002 “Take me out to the ballgame”

In the Fall of 2003, I was introduced to beading! I had a quick demonstration of the very basics. I then combined my love of the alphabet, volumes of research, creativity, many experimental designs, and asking opinions from good friends. I started selling my jewelry March of 2004. In Jan-April of 2008, I increased my awareness, and took a silver smithing class, too.

Thank you family, for the creativity genes, I guess I do have some after all! I also have enjoyed taking all my own photos, and love desk top publishing. I can’t wait to share my designs with you and what I have learned! The possibilities are endless!