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What is your signature? February 22, 2013

What is the one thing that each one of us has, that shows our signature?

In every culture around the globe, we all have this to offer, in one way or another. In some countries, if you don’t have the popular signature, a bag may be placed over it, to hide it, and you are cast out, because you don’t fit in! As a professional photographer, I recently joined the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). PPA is a non-profit international association and has existed since 1869. Why did I join? I am friends in a social media site with one of the directors for ppacharities, David Grupa, who is very respectful, and gives great encouragement to new photographers, he was promoting this campagain, and encouraged many to join in a great cause. As a children photographer in Calgary, Alberta, I felt strongly to support this great cause, to help restore those that have lost their signature, their smile!!

Since 2005, PPA charities, has teamed up with Operation Smile! The goal: to raise $100,000 to help provide as many cleft lip, cleft palate, and facial deformities surgeries as possible. How much are the surgeries? $240.

How is this to be done? As Professional Photographers, that is our goal each day to capture signatures, your stories and your personalites!
We agree to: donate our time, and our costs, to provide you with a mini portrait session & a desk size print or a facebook image.
We ask you to help us, with YOUR donation of $24. You really are the ones that help us, in restoring their smiles, as we can’t do this without you!!
Our goal, then is to try to book at least 10 photography sessions, which would cover the cost of 1 surgery. 100% of your donation goes directly to the cost of the surgeries!

Can I count on your support? I am so far, the only Canadian photographer, that has taken this step to join those in the US, for this great cause of “Celebration of Smiles”. My Sessions will run on April 5 & April 6. Contact Information, can be found on my website: If you are in the US, and would like to participate please find a participating studio near you. Please watch this video by Operation Smile, and perhaps you will also feel moved to changed someone’s signature for the better! Christina

Celebration of Smiles for webpage


Precious Sadie’s Children Birthday Parties January 15, 2011

Over 3 years ago, I started offering Children Bracelet Birthday Parties.  Last year, I created another party, as one of my previous client, wanted me to come back, and create something new.  A new idea was created and it was really fun to go back and see the same birthday girl and her same guests three years later, now being 11 years old!   I did take pictures, but then I had forgotten they were on the memory card and erased them, without even checking, Boo hoo!!  A lot of fun comments, “This is so fun”, “You rock, this is the best birthday party ever!”.    These are fun times, with the children, and for the parent, it becomes apart of the activity as well as their “loot” bag.

Precious Sadie’s presents Birthday Party Creations for ages 6-13 

Clay Bookmark Party

Each guest makes their own clay beads with a sterling silver charm at the end of their creation.  $20 per guest, 2 hours, Gift wrapped


Create Your Own Bracelet Party

Design your own sterling silver bracelet using geniune glass beads, and semi precious stones.  Gift wrapped, 1-2 hours

Party of 6: $19 per guest

Party of 7-12: $18 per guest

*Add $2 per guest, if you would like to add a Sterling Silver Charm or 1 Initial to the Bracelet.  **Additional letters $3 each.

Available Friday nights after 5 pm and Saturdays only (based on availability)  I will come to your location!  Payment:  Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Cheque, paypal

PS….Are you Missing Out?  Interested in a party? Contact me though my comments!  Christina


25 December isn’t too far away…here is a coupon code for you! December 9, 2010

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Check what I have so far on Etsy…I have a lot more to add, but for now, I’m giving you an awesome deal!  Best EVER….You won’t want to miss out.  You can get 25% off anything on my site with the coupon code 25Dec  at  Coupon code expires when the clock strikes midnight of the night of Dec 11. 

I have more I want to add, but I need to clear out some of my stock first!

If you are local, I can arrange for payments and pick ups to save on shipping.



Fundraiser April 24, 2010

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Recently, I have had some fundraiser sales towards sponsor a teacher from our school in her encouragement to participate in a  “Ride to Conquer Cancer” event to help raise funds and awareness for cancer  A grand total of $470 was donated for these events.  Thank you for all those that bought jewelry and accessories from me to help support Renee for her goal to reach the $2500 mark! Good luck Renee, on your bike ride in June! Christina


The Oscars, 2010 Academy Awards March 7, 2010

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The Oscars, are again on tomorrow evening.  I’m not a movie buff .  But, I do find it interesting to see who dresses tastefully, and to see how they might accessorize.    To me this dress…speaks for itself-  if she did wear more accessories, it would have taken away from the beauty of this dress, although…I would changed out her silver bracelet for a bit more crystal glitter, and also crystal dangle earrings.  Those that make it to the worst dress section of the magazines, I’m sure aren’t thinking that is where they are going to be featured. Do you think they kept the dress…do they ever wear that dress again.  Where does it end up?  Even with these sophisticated gowns, do they wear them only once…and then are they auction off for charity?  Being in the public eye, the trends of what people will gravitated to, will depend on what comes of the Oscars. 

May your best pick win! Christina


The Peace Crown August 25, 2009

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Unity crown

Unity crown

I caught the last hour of the Miss Universe 2009 pageant.  There were 3 crowns  presented by Diamond Nexus Labs, and the “world” voted for which crown would be chosen.   The one that was chosen was the “Peace” crown.   How beautiful on the winner,  Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela (2nd year in a row!)  She wore a stunning red gown, that matched the ruby adorned crown.

Peace Crown

Peace Crown

I love the detail in the “Hope” crown, but I’m sure the theme of “Peace” is more fitting where war is still evident.

Hope Crown

Hope Crown

 Check out the feature of how the crown came about.  When one creates a piece of jewelry such as a crown or a ring, it’s design on paper, but then you have to think about it in 3-D when you make the wax cast, something I didnot quite finish in my silver smith class.  It’s quite amazing the amount of time and detail it takes to create such a stunning piece of jewelry.  Bravo to the artists and to the wearer of the crown!


Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth June 16, 2009



 The greatest outdoor show on earth, is about to embark once again on July 3-12, the Calgary Stampede!   My first exposure to the competition of the stampede was shortly after I was married and entered my original cross stitch designs into the exhibition, anyone can enter no matter where you live!  

Oh no, I just discovered that you can now enter online, and the deadline is June 19, 2009!  !  You  have to had created the craft within the last 12 months, and there is only a limit of 2 entries per person, and each must be in their own grouping.  It’s even open to all ages! Just check out the western showcase, creative arts & crafts:  and now there is a division and class for jewelry, too!

Yikes!! You know what this means, I got to get busy, perhaps, I will create one of my original semi precious/silver belt buckle in….but I have to create it, first…and it only gives me 3 days to decide!!

Some years, though, I could give it up and escape the hussle and bussle, and other years tradition remains, the vendors of the gadgets get a bit of my pocket money.   As a child, at the end of the school year, I was more excited to get my free entry ticket that was in my report card envelope (than the actual report card)  to the CNE (the Canadian National Exhibition) or known as “the ex”,   Do you have an opinion, do you like these exhibitions or would rather leave town?  Fill out the poll below!  Yahoo! Christina