Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Enjoy the Journey Day 31 – 365 Photo Calendar Project February 1, 2014


Day 31 – The Ride

Camera: 50mm f/1.2, 1/400, Iso 800

I attended an Stake (geographically boundary) Relief Society (the largest woman’s organization that started in 1842, with over 6 million woman worldwide) Event, this evening, called “Ticket to Ride’.  I was based on everyone being a different stations in life.  We had a wonderful meal, a live band, great original music, about our journey here on earth, and our final destination,  that fit the theme perfectly, and then were able to split into a choice of 2 classes out of 8.  I went to “cyber station” identifying yourself online…how it is different when we aren’t performing live in person, that we can’t see others reactions to our information that we put out there.

My 2nd stop or class, was “H.O.P.E”  station. ..”Seek and Ye Shall Find”….S. O. S.  (Seek…Observe…Serve).

It was a wonderful evening! The decorations, made you feel like you were on a train.

drapes light trains table


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