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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Appreciating what we had. Day 16 – 365 Photo Calendar Project January 16, 2014

Today, with the chinook warm winds, that arrived on Tuesday we have been having unusual highs for Mid January.  The average is usually -20C, but since Tuesday, it`s been averaging 8C and is even expected to hit 13C on Saturday, and into next week, still high above normal.  Each night, the temperature drops just below 0 to around -3C, just enough time to freeze the melted snow.  And Boy did we have snow!!  Our stockpiles, were so high, that there really wasn`t anymore places to put the shoveled snow, if it snowed again.   The snow was piled as high, on a tree, where the branches started coming off the trunk.  We are experiencing a huge melt down of our record amounts of snowfall that has occurred, with the risk of flooding, even to have a chinook last this long, is very unusual!   Everyone seems quite chipper, the warmer weather has been very welcomed…minus the chinook headaches, that some get due to the pressure.   Helping with a sick friend`s dog today, I slipped on some ice, and my back is very strained, 95%…down my left side, and on the verge of being pulled right out.  I didn`t dare exercise today…and I didn`t get to taking a photo.  I did though take this one, just 8 days ago, when we had a beautiful hoar frost that lined all the trees, turning it into a snowy winter wonderland.    It sometimes takes warm winter day or a sore back, to realize, you have a good back, that you take advantage off!

Day 16 Hoar Frost Christina Parker Photography


Day 16 – Hoar Frost


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