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Indulgence! Day 11 – 365 Photo Calendar Project January 11, 2014

It’s Day 11, in the New Year, and so far, I’ve done pretty well, in keeping to my goals of daily exercise, still need to do some upper weights before I go to bed though.  Down 2.7 lbs, since Jan 1st.  Taken a picture everyday!

Tonight, I saw this very neat concept that Beth Galton, who is a commercial still life photographer, did when she was approached to take a photo of a cut view of burritos. Then she expanded her vision, of  going a little further with her idea of cut food.  On her blog, she says she uses a lot of gelatin and Crisco, to keep liquids in place.   Loving her idea, the best form of flattery is copying.  I had to run to the store for milk anyways, the donuts were off the shelf.  So, I picked up these cherry petite strudel.  One of my favourites, shouldn’t all the air pockets, mean fewer calories?!

I took a “before” I ate a piece, and the after, of the first bite of indulgence!  When I have more time, perhaps I’ll try to attempt a cut up liquid.  Love her ideas!!

Camera: Iso 100 50mm f/5.0 125/sec   Straight out of the camera! I used  1 strobe with a soft box, on black fabric.  No photo shop on this, just to re size the picture and add the words.  Same for both photos.   Focused on the middle of the strudel, where the cherry is almost dripping out.  Rule of Thirds intersect on the left side.


Cut up Strudel  Inside view Christina Parker

Day 11 indulgence Christina Parker


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