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Northern Lights Day 9 365 Photo Calendar Project January 9, 2014

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I read in the news this evening, that my city and almost all of Canada, we were going to have a good show of the Northern Lights late evening -before morning.  I took a late night drive, and could see the clouds hanging over the city.   Although surrounding the city, the clouds weren’t as heavy.  Since, it’s winter, dark, and I was tired and alone, I wasn’t willing to go out too far, to encounter the chance of seeing a better sky, wildlife, the boogie man, or getting stuck in the snow.  I just took a far away city view, to show that I at least tried.

Day 9- Sky

800 iso, 50mm,, 1.2L  1/13 sec  Me:  handheld, sitting in the car, too busy to get out to set up a tripod and too tired, too.

Sky and city Day 9


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