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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

I was reminded to.. Day 8 -365 Photo Calendar Project January 8, 2014

I was reminded to Play today! As my child, left for school this morning, they told me how they were packing their snow pants to play in the snow.  The teacher, told the children, that in her day, they would go outside and play in it! What a novel idea!

I went exploring, my whole backyard is crisp and clean, not a single foot print, and the snow goes all the the up to the seat on the park bench.  So, I did my best…I put my winter coat on it, and took a deep breath, and laid back in the snow to make my own snow angel.

Of course, the snow got up under my jacket, and onto my jacket, for a quick and refreshing, remember…the good times, of playing as a child.  When the child, came home, they asked, “Who made the snow angel?!”.. Me, of course!  I was playing!

Day 8 – Snow Angel

Day 8 Snow Angels


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