Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Which one is the right one? Day 7 -365 Photo Calendar Project January 7, 2014

I carry a bundle of keys around each week, to open up cupboards at church.  If I look really closely at the last 2 numbers, I can see on the lock what matches the key.  Although, my eye sight is getting harder to read to know which key matches each lock.   I think that is something, that we sometimes overlook in ourselves.  Do we look at ourselves closely, without others opinions and judgement, to realize that we can achieve anything we want?! Sometimes it is hard to realize that we have the full potential to rise up and become whatever we desire!  What are your greatest desires? Are you accomplishing them right now?  What are you doing to find them?  Having continuous effort does require dedication…I’m 7 days into my 365 day project!

Day 7 – Keys

Camera:  ISO 125, 50mm  F/1.2  1/60 Sec   Daylight.    Me: I focused on the middle key, as it is the lightest part of the image, and where your eye will naturally go.  Rule of thirds, and the keys provide a natural leading line, from the different angles.  I love how the light is highlighting down the keys, and there is enough shadow to see the contrast in the keys.

Day 7 - Keys


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