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Hmm, I should of known.. Day 3 – 365 Photo Calendar Project January 3, 2014

I should of known, that about a month ago, when our hot water, all of sudden turned very hot, that something must be up with our water heaters.  Luckily, for some odd reason, I have been in dejunk and organization mode.  I think it comes with a new year!  So, as I was cleaning yesterday by the hot water tank, I discovered it was leaking!!

The lord’s tender mercies, was shown to me, as it was an odd rarity of me actually dejunking and tidying up where the hot water heaters are located, and that it was a slow leak.  I discovered the water droplets dripping from 2 spots in just one of the two  hot water tanks.  Good thing, we have 2 tanks!  Plumber will be by next week to replace them.   It sure doesn’t take long for those water droplets to add up!

So far, I have been on schedule with my New Year’s goals, except for tonight, posting this picture 2 hours past the time, of when I said I would be in bed! Good thing, there is another day!

Day 3 – Water droplets
100MM Macro, 2.8, 1/60 sec.

waterdroplets day 3


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