Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

How often do you find? Day 2 – 365 Photo Calendar Project January 2, 2014

How often do you find, beautiful ripe Blackberries in winter, for only $2.99, for 12 oz.!  I found these beauties at Costco!  It’s the little things, of finding unexpected joys in the middle of winter, as I know they aren’t grown locally!  I’m not one to shop for fruit at Costco, very often, as I find the prices to be a bit higher, and for some reason the fruit is either unripe, or on its way to being moldy.  My recent container of mango from Costco that I bought, and never returned because of bad snowy roads, had unexpected fur…but these blackberries are divine!

Day 2 – Blackberries

Camera Canon Mark 5d Markiii, 50mm  F/1.2, 1/125   diffused window light, me: shot directly down from above.   Composition:  leading lines, to the bowl, rule of thirds, of where bowl is placed, circular bowl placed at intersecting lines of the tile.  negative space on left, allows for text of quote.

Day 2 Blackberries


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