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It’s the little things…365 Photo Calender Project January 1, 2014

I Love NEW YEARS!! As, I love the fresh page to a brand new chapter, on the journey we call life. I do write goals down, hoping to stick to them! This year, we had a very quiet New Year’s. Normally, I would have a party and try to invite a good friend, who would get depressed around this time of year. I love playing games, too.  This year, we went out to eat and then came home and watched the celebrations on tv, jumped on the bubble wrap, a tradition that was started in 2000. Hopefully, it will be a new tradition for you, if you haven`t yet started! Buy the BIG bubble wrap, and jump on it at midnight, as it sounds like fireworkers going off! I put myself to be early! I was in bed by 12:15. This is always a yearly goal to put myself to bed early! I even got up and ran on the treadmill (first time running on the treadmill!).   

In years past, I was given a calendar that flips with a quote each year! I finally gave it away last year, as it was haunting me. I have a notorious habit of having “piles”.  This calendar sat on my bedroom dresser, and never ended, as it had no year.  I develop a notion, that having this calendar on my bedroom dresser, meant I wouldn’t flip it, unless my dresser was totally cleaned off….this could take months. One of my friends, Columbia, knew about this crazy thing I did, and always asked me how my piles were doing, and I would call her out of the blue, and let her know the month and day it was when I flipped my calendar. For a few years, I gave her a daily calender for New Year`s, and then she would give me another new calendar, with daily quotes. I didn`t need a new calendar, although I did enjoy the new things to read and laugh about, and I still didn`t manage to rip off every day in the year. So, last year, I re-gifted the calender to her. I would love to create a calendar for my friends, with my photos & quotes I love.

So, Today, I start. I will try to share with you, the camera settings, the concept of the shot, and if I can an appropriate quote for the picture itself.

My goal, will be to find the little things in life’ that we may take for granted, and finding the joys of our lives, as I start my 2014 365 day photo calendar project.

Day 1
Camera Canon 5Mark3, 50 mm , 1/50 , ISO 2000, me: laying on the floor.

Day 1 Bubble Wrap with quote


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