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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Boston Part 2 May 2, 2013

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The Next Day, I headed up to Cambridge, to Harvard Square and before I went I read all about the “John Harvard” statue, so I know why some students call it the 4 lies! The #1 lie. Harvard was not established in 1638, but in 1636! Wow, isn’t that truly amazing!! #2 lie. Harvard was not established by John Harvard, he was instead someone that gave a lot of money to get the school started. #3 lie. The statue, isn’t “John Harvard”…no one knew what he even looked like, instead it’s to be a student. #4 lie! Don’t touch the golden shoe, well you can…but I won’t be shaking your hand if you do. #4…was quite funny, as everyone that comes up to take a picture with the John Harvard statue, has to just hold his golden shoe…and the reason you don’t want too, well its known that Harvard Students have a ritual of urinating on it!! I had quite the chuckle, watching everyone take their picture with his shoe!

There must also be a secret also contained in some of the outside walls of the buildings. I saw 2 grown men, one on either side of the arch way of this building, whispering in the cracks, and the other one could hear what one was saying. I went and explored, and saw no apparant speaker hiding within. Then I did my internet research ” Sever Hall, the red brick Romanesque-styled work of Henry Hobson Richardson, also contains a mysterious crypt (an architectural quirk of its designer) and a curious arch at the entrance that looks onto Tercentenary Theatre. Those who stand to one side of the rounded entryway and whisper while facing the building can be heard clearly by those standing on the other end of the wall’s curve!” and if you’re whispering on your cell phone at the arch, another person can hear the entire conversation!

I love the engravings on the entrance ways and buildings! The dark tunnel picture of the “Harvard Book Store” if you were entering it from the bookstore side reads “Enter to Grow In Wisdom”. When you leave Harvard Yard going towards the book store, and look up, it reads “Depart to Serve Better Thy Country and Thy Kind”. Other engravings were ” Open Ye Gates, That the Righteous Nation, that Keep the Truth May Enter In” and on another building, “What is Man, that thou are mindful of him”

To get a true student life restaurant, head to “Mr. Bartley’s” voted best burger in the USA by the wall street journal! Great student life, the movie “the social network” was featured here. I love reading all the stuff they have on the walls…”this is your brain, with diagrams of eggs”…”the exam test”
Another great food place, was “Felipes” where you can get a burrito meal for about $6. Another great restaurant we went to ” Grafton Street Pub and Grill”, excellent service and excellent food! I wished I could of had room for dessert!

The “Please Go Away…often” sign was found on a wall outside a bank, in Harvard Square, perhaps, they often get people needing money, hanging around there.

So many churches around too. Can definitelyharvard wm dm cparker photo feel the liberty of forward thinking, as well as religion in the air. Christina


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