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Do you believe that some times paths are meant to be crossed? January 28, 2013

Little do we know, that some people are meant to cross our paths, without our realization. I feel this was the case for Marie. Marie was wanting some professional photography portraits, but felt that she couldn’t quite afford them, and so was seeking an amateur. I am not an amateur, but I had never taken any maternity portraits, and therefore answered her ad. She drove through a freaky foggy snowny day, to my home studio from far away. We were able to capture a birthday smash session, too. Little would we have known that about 11 days after the session, things took an unexpected turn, and we are so grateful for these moments that were captured. I believe the Lord’s hands were in our lives that day! Much Love, Christina Marie’s Session>Cowgirl with her cowboy booties


13 Responses to “Do you believe that some times paths are meant to be crossed?”

  1. davidgrupa Says:

    This type of portraiture is so awesome because she will only look this way a few times during her life . . . and only for a short while. Nice!

  2. Natalie Mae Photography Says:

    The image is so beautiful, I’m sure she will treasure the moments she spent with you for the rest of her life.

  3. Beautiful use of light. She will adore this.

  4. kellygentz Says:

    What a beautiful image. How kind of you to answer her search.

  5. Audrey Says:

    She will treasure that photo forever, I’m so glad you listened to your heart and responded to her ad that day!

  6. SO glad you got to do this for her!

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