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It’s “Box”ing Week! It’s Hip to Be Squared!! GiveAWAY December 28, 2012

Boxing Day was on Dec 26, in Canada. It’s an offical holiday, that has roots dating back to the 1600’s, as servants were given the day off work to visit their families. Their masters, would give them boxes, filled with gifts, money, and sometimes left over food as they departed the day after Christmas. As a teenager, I always longed for some extra cash, to get to the mall to buy my bargain. The US, I think is smarter to have their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales before Christmas. Boxing Day sales, now extend into the week, and aren’t nearly as hectic as they once were…and dreadfully cold this week in Calgary, at -30C to be camping out all week.

What was the best thing that you received in a box, this past week? Did you get your favourite UGLY sweater??

I asked some of you, what your favourite items were that came in boxes, standard answers: #1 CHOCOLATE!! 2# JEWELRY!! Well this could be your lucky chance!
10x10 vivian trimling custom Cole

SO, for this GIVEAWAY

I am offering a COMPLIMENTARY “It’s HIP to Be SQUARED” 30-45 min photography portrait session to Alberta residents (must come to the home studio in Calgary) No travel expenses are included. With this grand prize, you will also be receiving a 8×8 storyboard, that will come in a black 12″ parisian frame, as shown below. Valued at 500+. Additional prints may be purchased.


Additional prizes will be added to give away for each “like” I get towards my facebook photography page.
I’m the small business, not the same name of mine, photographer who lives in Texas.

Here is a hint of another prize that can be won… a box of yummy lindt milk chocolates, that fit perfectly in their boxes!Box of chocolate

One entry allowed per day, and must be over 18 to enter either Canadian or USA citizen or permanent resident. I may not be able to grant you the photo session, if you aren’t from Alberta, but I will send some chocolates or jewelry you way!
HOW TO ENTER, choose any of the following, do all will gain you more entries:
#1. POST a Picture of YOUR FAVOURITE Gift or something that is squared or came in a box on my facebook page or in the comments on the blog, do this every day, will gain you a entry every day!!
#2. LIKED MY FACEBOOK PAGE (already liked it, you’re automatically entered!)
#3. TELL A FRIEND, post who you told
#4. Friend, post a picture, likes the page, repeat cycle!
#5. Nominatee someone for the Olivia Act (refer to previous post).

YOU CAN POST a picture every day!! Just once though. GIVEAWAY ENDS SUNDAY Night Jan 13, 11:59 pm. Winners will be announced Jan 14! You may book a Special Promotion Pricing for “It’s Hip to Be Squared” session through Thank you, Christina


4 Responses to “It’s “Box”ing Week! It’s Hip to Be Squared!! GiveAWAY”

  1. Well that’s awesome! Good luck to the winner!

  2. Love the square photo booth images!!

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