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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

The Olivia Act -Calgary, Alberta, Canda. December 19, 2012

olivia act

Specializing in Children Photography, I was touched when I read of this tribute that a Texas photography, who decided to “give back” in her way of showing her support to the recent Newtown, Conn. massacre. She has a child named Olivia, the same name of one of the young victims, and she created the challenge “The Olivia Act” as many photograpers also decided they wanted to join up for the same cause. when they discovered what she was doing.

Her offer was to offer a free 30 min. family session with 5 digitial files, to a family that might not otherwise have images made.

We all know of the recent events that have been broadcasted Internationally. We all have been affected one way or another, even when we aren’t from the area, but realize it really could happen to anyone of us, none of us are immuned. In Newtown, Conn. at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14, 2012; 20 children where killed, as well as 6 adults. Many tears have been shed every day, since last Friday, with many of our younger children (not knowing any of the details). One of the children that was a victim was “Olivia Engel”. Her family, had recently had their family pictures taken. I’m sure they feel it’s such a treasure, to have these recent portraits of their daughter Olivia. It rings true to my heart of my own motto “Preserving Time for Generations to Come”. …or in this case, in a few weeks to come.

I have joined the ranks, with the original photographer from Texas and many many more… who has given all of us professional photographers, a place to reflect, and lift a need of another. There are many organizations in the world of photography, that do the same, such as “Now I lay me down to Sleep” for children that die prior or shortly after birth. It doesn’t necessary have to be right now, or even to honor to those that suffered in Newtown, but I think it helps many of us to heal, to reflect on the good that we have to offer and to the lasting effect that the gift of photography can bring.

I’m not posting this to help drive my business for more attention, I like my work load as is.
I like to give in many ways, did you know… a free baby session, for 1st time parents only!
I like giveaways, more will be posted soon for some fun times ahead!

So, I’m participating in the “The Olivia Act”. I’ve matching, the same offer, as what the original photograper decided on….1 FREE 30 minute session, 5, 8×12 or under mounted prints, to a family that might not otherwise have images printed or made. VALUED at $450!

Please nominate a family, by contacting me, through my website link: Message “Olivia Act” and leave your details. Deadline has been extended to June 30th for all nominations. Nominaee will be contacted by phone or email, local residents of Calgary only. It is non transferable. 30 Min session, will take place in summer ofy 2013, and will be either be taken in my home studio or in special circumstances, could be taken elsewhere, ie. hospital.

Please leave your comments, of why your chosen family should be nominated on my blog or on my contact us page through my website with their contact information:

The Nominee will be contacted via email or phone call. Please do not post their information in the comments, respect their information.

As we know this can mean so much to a family because you never know what tomorrow will bring! Thank you, Christina


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