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December Journey December 5, 2012

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Do you remember, anxiously waiting for the first of December? Each of my children, anxiously plea for their own special advent calendars before the 1st of the month. Cheap chocolate that can be found in skinny boxes, that have pictures of Santa and his elves, with numbers scattered all across the box.  It was a challenge just to find the right number, and then you would open one up each day of the week, to reveal the hidden goodie, of usually a chocolate in shape of a wreath, bell, or a stocking!   Advent calendars have gotten deluxe over the years, now you can buy them to reveal lego pieces, that will build a scene!  This month, I am going to be doing a photography journey through the month of December of anything that might catch my eye, that day.  You may even be able to recite, my made up verse,  that relates to December, or Christmas, with on the 1st day of Christmas, by true love send to me.

On the 1st Day of December,   a client shared with me, her little man, who I dressed in green”…..and I totally forgot, that grandma is Irish, and of course, loves the colour of this one!

Come see the days you may have missed at:



16 Responses to “December Journey”

  1. Kim Kravitz Says:

    Aw! Such a sweet little baby!!!

  2. Donna Beck Says:

    Love this, so sweet!

  3. This is an awesome Idea. I will be checking in every day

  4. patty Says:

    beautiful!! Love the set-up and yes I remember sooooooo well waiting anxiously for Dec 1st

  5. elly Says:

    AWww how adorable!

  6. Jason Says:

    Great idea….really sweet image!

  7. Natalie Says:

    So sweet! I love advent calendars, I’ve seen a lot of different variations this year from moms on Facebook.

  8. Now I feel guilty we haven’t decorated yet!

  9. I’m with Huong, feeling guilty here b/c I haven’t started decorating….or shopping lol – beautiful image 🙂

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