Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Time to do some bragging! October 16, 2012

To prepare the scene, I had my father and my son be witnesses.  Once I got to 50 likes,  I wrote out everyone names that liked “Christina Parker Photography” small business in Calgary, Alberta.  Everyone was included to win a $10 ice cream gift card.   Those that told me of their favourite ice cream flavours, got their name written twice!  My father made sure each paper was cut to perfection, and folded into the bowl.   I held up the bowl,  and my son, pulled the winning name, and the winner is….

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   Congratulations, Sarah Leishman!!  She was a lucky one that got her name entered twice, since she told me her favourite ice cream flavour was creme brulee….perhaps you can go get yourself a litre, and go hid in the bathroom, and indulge!  Congratulations! Thank you for your support… Sarah time for you to do some bragging about your winnings!    Christina



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