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What colour will be the new trend? October 23, 2012

I woke up this morning to 10 cm of fresh white snow, and it’s only 1 week before Halloween.  The joy of living in Canada, near the mountains, where one needs to have your Halloween costume fit over your snow suit!   Already hoping that winter is over, when it hasn’t already even hit, has made me look forward to the Spring 2013 colours!

In 2012, the colour of the year was Tangerine, in 2011 it was honeysuckle.   Who’s the trend setter of colour?

Have you heard of Pantone?  Pantone is a subsidiary of X-Rite, which is the global leader in colour science, and technology.   Pantone is the source for colour, over 2,100 new colours have been created, which determines what colours will be in fashion for clothing, home decor to even paint!  I often would look to Pantone, when I was designing jewelry, so I would know what were the new fashion colours, to match with the semi precious stones I would use in creating.  Now, I look to Pantone, to see what colours are going to affect my photography props, and to recommend different colour palates for what to wear, accessorize, accent colours.

The predicament is that the “Monaco Blue” will be 2013 new colour trend…or perhaps “Poppy Red”…  We still have grey tones, which will look stunning with these two colours.    See the new colours for women for Spring 2013  and for Men for Spring 2013

Here is a great example for a  Monaco Blue and Poppy Red wedding

Scroll down in this link, to view colour palettes that go well together!  I can’t wait to see the new colours, that will be out soon in our fashion, home decor, and paint!  Christina


Looking for some sweetness October 18, 2012

Do you have a girl, that is between the ages of 2 to 6?  Does she like to dress up, and were pretties in her hair?  Looking for models for an upcoming model session, that have the following colours in their wardrobe, either: red, grey, white, black, or pink.   Even if your child is shy, that can work too!  Model releases must be signed.  This is a complimentary session, in return, you will receive a print credit for your time that can be applied to a print or prints, or a product.  Please comment here, or private message me through my contact at, or through facebook, “Christina Parker Photography” small business in Calgary,  Alberta.


Time to do some bragging! October 16, 2012

To prepare the scene, I had my father and my son be witnesses.  Once I got to 50 likes,  I wrote out everyone names that liked “Christina Parker Photography” small business in Calgary, Alberta.  Everyone was included to win a $10 ice cream gift card.   Those that told me of their favourite ice cream flavours, got their name written twice!  My father made sure each paper was cut to perfection, and folded into the bowl.   I held up the bowl,  and my son, pulled the winning name, and the winner is….

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   Congratulations, Sarah Leishman!!  She was a lucky one that got her name entered twice, since she told me her favourite ice cream flavour was creme brulee….perhaps you can go get yourself a litre, and go hid in the bathroom, and indulge!  Congratulations! Thank you for your support… Sarah time for you to do some bragging about your winnings!    Christina



Thank you! October 12, 2012

Thank you, my first goal has been reached, to 50 Likes on Facebook! Since, I can’t be around for the next day or two to do an official drawing, I first thought I would see what most prefer…

Winner of a $10 gift certificate will be announced on Tuesday!