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What’s your flavour? September 19, 2012

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I love giveaways, and I forget I can’t post them on facebook, without a risk of having my site shut down, that isn’t worth it!!  I’m aiming for 50 likes of my “Christina Parker Photography“, and when that happens, I am awarding a $10 gift certificate towards Marble Slab if you live in the Canada, or if you are in the US, cold stone creamery, as I do have “Likes” from down there, too.   To throw a favourite twist into this giveaway, comment below on this post, what your favourite flavour is, it will earn you a “Double Dip” entry…you’ll gain, an extra chance to be picked out of the 50 “Likes”, only a few more to go!!  Contest will end when I hit 50 likes! So, you better increase your chances fast, ice cream is melting!!!  Thank you, Christina


3 Responses to “What’s your flavour?”

  1. Sarah Leishman Says:

    As long as it had ice cream in it I am happy!! I thing my favorite flavour is Creme Brûlée.

  2. Lisa W Says:

    mmmmmmmm It depends on the day but today would be New York Cheesecake!! Tomorrow it could be anything with nuts, chocolate, caramel, and vanilla!!! 🙂

  3. Stacy Vermeeren Says:

    Mint chocolate chip is always fabulous, but I also have a special place in my heart for chocolate peanut butter!

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