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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Do you have a taste that brings back memories? July 19, 2012

Image I grew up in Oshawa, Ontario, and my father would make his weekend visits to the local Canadian Tire store on Saturday’s, I knew it was somewhere I would always want to go with him.  Over the years, I knew that this was where my father had his first job at Canadian Tire.   One of the things, he did back then in the 50’s, was that he would hand paint the decals on the Canadian Tire president’s car! Impressive! Now a days, computers, and vinyl lettering makes it really easy! .  My father hated how computers replaced the work of human hands.  He would do beautiful calligraphy, would take hours to address envelopes, and then of course, add more swirls and fancy designs to complement his writing, whereas computers could developed and be printed in a matter of minutes.    I know one of my creative natures, comes from my dad, and the way to present working on a project, and seeing it through to the final image…just like photography.  Having the opportunity to work with a child, or families, and then using professional labs, to create their beautiful art work, it is so rewarding!

Do you have a taste that brings back memories?

What was really special about these Saturday trips to the local Canadian tire, was knowing and tasting, and reliving the taste of Malt vinegar, on hot chips, or french fries.  Back then my dad, had a big belly, that matched his heart! He loved to treat himself, and we knew we would be treated too, if we came along! Just outside the Canadian Tire, was a chip truck, where we were treated to 50% of the time!  The other 50% of the time, it was a Baskin n Robbin’s ice cream cone!  Bubblegum or Tiger was my favourite!

In Calgary, just this past week, that craving of malt vinegar hit me, and my thought was I got to go to Canadian Tire!  Guess what, on Macleod Trail, and Southland’s location, there is Mr. Happy Face Fries truck, with an arrange of menu items, of more items that I can remember, and each look tempting! For $4.50 (including gst) gave you a great size that could be shared in a tin foil bag, brewing to the tops of HOT, fries…the cook, wrapped them in a paper towel for me, but even while I quickly tried to take the picture, it was burning my legs!    For $5 you could get a paper tray, the $4.50 size, was an awesome size, and it was hard to finish them all by yourself!  With a spray bottle of malt vinegar, and season with salt by the cook, and some squirts of ketchup, it brought me right back to my childhood, and they were cooked to perfection! So good!! I would recommend!  I knew Canadian Tire, wouldn’t let me down….Now to just find a baskin n robbins, down the street (and I think there is one in willowpark village, just 2 blocks down!! It’s been a long time since I’ve had bubblegum and tigger ice cream!  Yippee!


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