Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Isn’t she just a doll! April 8, 2012

Once again, I got the privilege to come into a home, and see and hold their most prized possession.  I feel truly honoured and blessed to be a special visitor to capture a moment of time in a portaiture.

Isn’t she just a doll! How can some girls, just be born with so much black hair?  Just like her mom and dad! She has two big sisters, and looks very similar to her sister that is closest to her in age.  I took pictures of her on Saturday afternoon, with natural light, but I rather take pictures earlier in the day, as the sun isn’t as harsh and unpredictable.  I have noticed a lot of variation in the pictures because of the light.  I may just have to take a few more portraits, so I feel totally satisfied…and sneak a few of her big sisters in, too!  Once again, this brand newborn, 1 week old, was checking out my camera!  Even with the room heated, her session made her hungry, and wide awake!  In years to come, better watch out Dad, the boys will be after her! She already is such a cutie!


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