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Oh boy! April 7, 2012

Oh boy! I got the privilege to hold and take pictures of this 2 day old sweetheart!  Mom is especially happy to have him come one week early, when he came in weighing 9lbs and 11 ounces.   He came in the middle of the night, when his older siblings were all still sleeping, and was born at home with a midwife.    This is their 5th child, and their 2nd home birth, and this time it was finally covered under health care.  It was a great experience for them having a home birth, as it sure helps being in your own environment and not having to have hospital food.  Today was a quiet, peaceful day, and I’m sure an exhausting day, with a health check by the midwife, and with me taking the time to take some treasured pictures.

The exciting part for me, I get to see another newborn before the week is over!  Christina


2 Responses to “Oh boy!”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Great pictures!!

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