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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Jumping In! February 6, 2012

It wasn’t too long ago, that I was walking with my two younger children (ages 9 and 10, at the time), and came across a very big puddle! We were all wearing running shoes, and rather than walking around, I held both of their hands on either side of me, and being a BIG kid,  I decided to make a quick jump right in the middle! My shoes were soaking, muddy water dripping down from my legs, and the shriek of their faces, were shocked that I dare do something like this and get them all wet, too! It was classic!! Of course, I did a little murmuring afterwards, that my socks were wet, and my daughter, Sadie’s exclaimed, “Well, that’s what you get when you jump in a puddle without boots!”. 

I liken this experience to studio photography!  Casually, I mention to my husband, that I could get a job at a studio, they were hiring for a photographer, so I could learn and practise on someone else’s expenses.   He didn’t think that was a great idea, he knew I already had the skills and he didn’t care for me to go find a job under someone else when it wasn’t necessary, and it would cause more strain on our family working on someone else’s schedule. Life would just become more hectic, working for someone else. He is supportive.    So, this literally got me thinking overnight, that I have the space and the desire, and the winter months to practise in my own home, he was right, I could have a lot of fun in my own area learning!

Some think, that I buy whatever I want, when I want.  I don’t. I can walk into a store, look around, and walk out, without buying anything.  I  spend hours, days, and then weeks, in researching, and deciding what I like and what would be best for my circumstance.   That is one way, I find great deals on travelling, only because of the time I put into it! Although sometimes, I have to make the best decision quickly, so I don’t lose out.  With my husband traveling to the US, it was the perfect opportunity to bring a few items home.  So, I thought, I might as well, JUMP on IN, with full force!  I love…but why can’t they ship all their nifty things to Canada, we just don’t get the same selection like we do in Canada on!  

So, I went ahead, and bought some studio lights and a backdrop stand from, the best place to save on lenses, and other equipment, in Calgary, you will pay a few hundred more!  I’ll shop locally to compare, but buy online.   I also had him bring me home some white and black muslin. I was on my way in collecting supplies…well, until after December, once I was done jewelry shows, then I could open up my purchases and get practising Christina   (this picture is not the studio light I bought, but very similiar) 

And the twins in my previous post that I took, were in natural light (even though I had my lights up), I used natural lighting for that session!


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