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Model Search Vintage Pedal Car Picture Photo Session February 14, 2012

Well I’m back from Vegas!  I met people from all over the world! It is the most grandest, biggest photography convention show of about 16,000 attendees!  Lots of advice, and training from the pros, which leaves me a lot of work to do!  Model Search in Calgary, Alberta.  Looking for boys ages 1-4 years. Please share your story, of why your model should have his picture taken in this vintage pedal car! 

Deadline is March 15,  2012! Hoping for better weather! Photo session may take place inside at my studio location or outside (weather depended) in Calgary, Alberta.

Come “like” me on Facebook, at “Christina Parker Photography” or here on this blog “Precious Sadie’s”.   Please comment, and pass on the word by having your friends  tell me they were sent by you, they can help qualify you for more chances to be picked!  In return, you will receive a photo credit towards the print size of your choice.

Thank you, Christina

PS…In my spare time, between motherhood duties, I will be working on my website, “Christina Parker Photography”, so please stay tuned.


What Colour are You? February 8, 2012

Have you ever heard of the colour code personality test? I did the test about 18 years ago, from the book, “The Color Code” (us Canadian spell colour with a u!).   It’s based on 4 colours that determine your type of personality, and you can have a combination of each colour in you, but one usually is more dominant than the others. The colours are RED: type A personalities, leaders, grab life by the horns, and take charge!  BLUE: loyal people, tendency to hold grudges, love to give service and nurturer.  WHITE:  don’t like confrontations, are peaceful, quiet, internal thoughts, good listeners, and YELLOW:  fun, partiers,  no rules, Free, no consequences.   

Anyways, I took the test years ago, my results were a bit more white, then blue, some yellow, and 1% red.  So mostly white and some blue make up my traits.  One of the traits, did not mention that comes with a white personality is having a hard time making decisions!  One of my best friends, also scored a “white” for this personality test.  We often joke about our indecisiveness when it comes to making decisions, by saying “We are so white”, even though we are caucasian and do live in Canada, we truly are white!   Someone once told me it’s a sign of a perfectionist, not making decisions, as you are afraid, that you will make the wrong choice. I’m not a perfectionist, if I was, my house would be constantly clean and in perfect order…and I wouldnt never be able to leave the house, as I might not be good enough, for others to see.  Oh well, what you see, is what you get, and I’m happy the way I am!  I’m not making any excuses! I love the way I am, and happy to make the most of what I want to do!  Yesterday morning,  I spent my time de-junking my closet and organizing it, what a chore! I guess if I kept on top of my home, then it wouldn’t take as long to do it, or would it?  What else would I do with my time?

I’m do expect being a perfectionist only when I sell something I make, as it’s a reflection of me. Recently, I just read and learned, deciding on choices, is not about making the wrong choice, but realizing you’re going to be missing out, when you can’t have both! That, I totally agree with…it’s like eyeing your friend’s meal, as it looks even more tasty than the one you just ordered! Don’t we all seem to do that…and then try to nudge off a friendly taste on our behalf, just so we know we haven’t missed out entirely!

After getting my muslin and studio lights, I knew my decision that would be next would be backdrops! What is a girl supposed to do, when you are a 
“White” personality, and there are just so many choices to choose from!

Well….I tried covering my bases, I order several combinations of colours to fit the mood!  Dark Blue, Brown, Pink, Baby Blue, Black Damask, and a Mixture of Green/Blue with different combination of flooring! Woot Hoot! Lots of fun combinations…and I thought I might as well order a lot, rather than pay for more shipping down the road!

After ordering, there weren’t as wide and tall, as I had hope, so I now really know I need to focus on children, as they are the perfect size! …unless I do pets (in a separate area)

If you like to check out the of the Color Code, by Taylor Hartman, you may find it at your public library.  I see there are several other books he has put out.  You can check for more explanations of the test online here:  the colour code test.  You can take a free test, or you can pay to take the colour code comprehension test, and save money, use coupon code PASS-53EK to save $10 off at


Jumping In! February 6, 2012

It wasn’t too long ago, that I was walking with my two younger children (ages 9 and 10, at the time), and came across a very big puddle! We were all wearing running shoes, and rather than walking around, I held both of their hands on either side of me, and being a BIG kid,  I decided to make a quick jump right in the middle! My shoes were soaking, muddy water dripping down from my legs, and the shriek of their faces, were shocked that I dare do something like this and get them all wet, too! It was classic!! Of course, I did a little murmuring afterwards, that my socks were wet, and my daughter, Sadie’s exclaimed, “Well, that’s what you get when you jump in a puddle without boots!”. 

I liken this experience to studio photography!  Casually, I mention to my husband, that I could get a job at a studio, they were hiring for a photographer, so I could learn and practise on someone else’s expenses.   He didn’t think that was a great idea, he knew I already had the skills and he didn’t care for me to go find a job under someone else when it wasn’t necessary, and it would cause more strain on our family working on someone else’s schedule. Life would just become more hectic, working for someone else. He is supportive.    So, this literally got me thinking overnight, that I have the space and the desire, and the winter months to practise in my own home, he was right, I could have a lot of fun in my own area learning!

Some think, that I buy whatever I want, when I want.  I don’t. I can walk into a store, look around, and walk out, without buying anything.  I  spend hours, days, and then weeks, in researching, and deciding what I like and what would be best for my circumstance.   That is one way, I find great deals on travelling, only because of the time I put into it! Although sometimes, I have to make the best decision quickly, so I don’t lose out.  With my husband traveling to the US, it was the perfect opportunity to bring a few items home.  So, I thought, I might as well, JUMP on IN, with full force!  I love…but why can’t they ship all their nifty things to Canada, we just don’t get the same selection like we do in Canada on!  

So, I went ahead, and bought some studio lights and a backdrop stand from, the best place to save on lenses, and other equipment, in Calgary, you will pay a few hundred more!  I’ll shop locally to compare, but buy online.   I also had him bring me home some white and black muslin. I was on my way in collecting supplies…well, until after December, once I was done jewelry shows, then I could open up my purchases and get practising Christina   (this picture is not the studio light I bought, but very similiar) 

And the twins in my previous post that I took, were in natural light (even though I had my lights up), I used natural lighting for that session!


Miracles and Blessings of Twins February 5, 2012


I wish I paid more attention to the finer details, when my children were small.  It’s been a long time since I took pictures of my children, when they were babies.  I love how one of the pictures (shoulder/ear), it shows the laguno, or the fine downy hair that a newborn is born with.    My first opportunity to photograph a newborn with my new backdrops wasn’t just with one newborn, but with two! These two non-indentical brothers, were miracles to their family, as well as their older brother, from a lot of speciality doctor appointments. 

They were born 2.5 months early, at just over 2lbs each.  When I had the priviledge to photograph them, they had just hit the 5lb milestone mark, at their due date.   They were awake for most of the session, and it wasn’t until near the end of the session, when we got them asleep.  Peed on once, such a tiny amount, it goes unnoticed.  I love the coming out smelling fresh like a newborn.  The best part, is getting a lot of cuddles in!  Thank you for this opportunity! Christina


What is the whisper? PS presents… February 4, 2012

What is the whisper?….Precious Sadie’s presents, “Christina Parker Photography”.   Without the beginning of Precious Sadie’s, my own company of jewelry and hair accessories, I would have not had the desire to improve my jewelry pictures, and my learning more about photography.   In the fall of 2009, I enrolled as a continued education student through SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology).  It took me almost two years, to complete my photography certificate, a min. of 8 courses.  I have actually taken a total of 11 courses, as I have also enrolled in some online classes.   I have literally enjoyed each class, I encounter, and think I need to buy more equipment with almost each class that I do.  I’m continue to learn by reading many books, buy videos, and practise, practise, practise!    Photography fills my creative needs, and it’s less messy than beads!  I can still pay close attention to the details, I have a home studio set up which has been fun, to practise during the cold winter months.  I can’t wait to get outside!  I have fallen in love with taking pictures of children, and know that this will be a focus for me. I still have a huge collection of beads and supplies, and now I’m been busy collecting props, and getting ready to launch into my new direction.   Precious Sadie’s still exists, in a limited way…Christina Parker Photography, just falls under it.  I have many hair accessories, and some jewelry items up on the handmade site of Etsy, through, and many more to still list. I do have my flower cards listed on Etsy! I do love my macro lense!  I will keep the component of doing hair accessories for children, as they make great photography props, perhaps even include some in future photography packages!      Please note, even though this is my Precious Sadie’s site, it will now be converting more of this blog to  “Christina Parker Photography”, as I build up my portfolio and will be launching soon!     Thank you for your continual support! Christina