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Juvenile Female Black Widow? 365 Photo Project, ~Sept 20, 2011 September 20, 2011

“Children from like 8 and even up to the college age – Spider-Man appeals to a fairly broad demographic but, like I said, a mean age probably of 12 is a good mark – they process information so quickly and it’s not because of attention deficit or short attention span. ” ~Thomas Haden Church

I really don’t like taking pictures of spiders, but I do seem to take a lot of them.  In charge of a group of  8 -10 year old boys in the cub program, on a scavenger hunt in Fish Creek Parker, they  found this 8 legged creature and looking it up, I realize it could just be…..Look a what I found online, … a female Juvenile black widow spiders start white, molting to dark brown to black exoskeletons with white, yellow, orange and red stripes and/or dots on their backs.

However, juvenile widows (female) spend a large quantity of time in search of an optimal environment. Once an optimal location is found, adult female widows often times spend their entire lives in one place. However, because juvenile females must first find this optimal location, they bear brightly colored marks upon their backs, so that they may be seen by predators when the widow is travelling upon its legs. Males bear similar marks to the females to serve as warning while they are searching for mates, however, the marks are not as prominent (not as brightly colored, or as large). … Does anyone know about what type of spider, this might be ?


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