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Baking Day, 365 Photo Project, Sept 13, 2011 September 13, 2011

“If you have an apple, and I have an apple and we exchange these apples, then you and I still each have one apple.  But if you have an idea, and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas” ~George Bernard Shaw

Yummy!! Come on over, I still have some left!

Last month, I tried a new cookie recipe that I tasted before, to bake a batch of cookies for school lunches.  Then out of the blue, an idea came to me…why not add one more “to do, on my to do list” (I’m known to do that!)  I thought, it might be fun to see if anyone would like to join a baking exchange, with the concept that if, I made a batch of something, I would do the exact same thing for as many people who wanted it.  Then in return, that person would make up something to exchange with for me.    So, I put that idea out there, and had a few friends jump on board.   Today, was baking day for me. It didn’t have to be for those in the group, I just said, they had up to 2 weeks to return the favor.  I made a batch of cookies, the recipe makes a lot like 6 dozen, (I made one recipe up for me) and then I made the same recipe two more times, so each people had a batch of fresh dough (they requested that way) so they could make it when they want them fresh.    In return, we got banana bread, cookies or cake!  If we can’t eat it all, there is always someone else that could use a fresh plate of goodies!  

Another friend, did a dinner exchange with friends.  Where for 4 days a week, someone provided  dinner for you…..Not a bad idea…..

This is the my recipe, that has been a family favourite for years!

Chocolate Chip Cookies (original recipe –Sister Ruth Etcher from Ontario)                               

Preheat Oven 375

Cream:  1 lb soft margarine (I use butter)

               2 scant cups white sugar

               1 cup of brown sugar (not packed)

               4 eggs

               3 tsp vanilla

 Combine 4 cups all-purpose flour

                3 tsp salt

               2 tsp baking soda

Add Cream mixture to dry

Stir in 3 cups of chocolate  chips (2 cups semi sweet, 1 cup milk)

Bake 9 mins (I find it takes long at higher altitudes).  5 mins on top rack, then switch to bottom rack for 4 mins.  Under bake.


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