Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Hot Tub, Day 92, 365 Photo Project, ~July 29, 2011 July 29, 2011

“I believe I will dip my pink and white body in yon Roman tub.  I feel a bit gritty after the affairs of the day.”  ~W.C. Fields

It’s been a busy week, taking out the wooden fortress that surrounded this hot tub area, and the amount of dirt that surrounds it.  This evening, I spent the evening with the reciprocating saw (it’s my best tool!)  and cut the hot tub into quarters. The heat pump went last year, and it really wasn’t worth the money to put a new one in, considering how cheap this one was, and how old it had been.

The smell of the fiberglass (under the mask) reminded me of my childhood days on our sailboat, the same smell, as well as my Dad doing some school assignments, for me…. I had gathered up the different seeds and he created a fiberglass resin to set my variety of seeds that were in a circle pattern (as he had it molded to the shape of the drinking glass.   One of the school assignments, that I kept for years, as it was so cool!

So wearing goggles, face mask, gloves, a long sleeve shirts, and my green painting pants (that have been around for about 20 years), not usually the type of attire for hot tubbing…….and the only time I actually get in the tub since we have had it, was to only cut it up!  



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