Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Ferris Wheel, Day 79, 365 Photo Project, July 16, 2011 July 16, 2011

‘Life Is Like A Ferris Wheel, Ups And Downs, Friends Get On And Off, And Your Good Friends Will Always Stay On” ~unknown

I love taking night pictures with lights! The photographers come out at night!  I happen to see 4 other men, with cameras and their tripods, and another few without their tripods.  I did wish I had brought mine (although, I didn’t want to have carried it around all day long!) as then I could have gotten some even better shots, but hand-held I think this one, is one of my better ones! I don’t necessary like hanging around late at the Stampede, especially about  2 years ago, witnessing a fight that broke out within a few feet of us, but in the clan of photographers that were there, I felt we were in our own element, without others realizing it.


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