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Bridal Shower, Day 75, 365 Photo Project, ~July 12, 2011 July 12, 2011

” The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world,
is a woman’s heart.”   – Josiah G. Holland

I must say, this is the most beautiful hat that I have yet seen made for a bride to be, out of wrapping paper, ribbons and the bows, that were provided from the gifts she received.

We had a fun evening, Amanda wanted games, and so I did several. 

I started by having people address their own envelope for thank you cards, and then later, the bride picked an envelope and that person received a gift. 

We did the clothes pin game, where everyone received a clothes pin, and if you said the word, “Love” then you could lose your clothes pin.    The most clothespins won a prize.

I had asked her fiance 21 questions, regarding each other, and she did fairly well, trying to match up her answers with his.

In the mist of the games, we even got to witness the milestone of Camilla’s Prince’s first child Eva, 15 months, take her very first step! As Camilla’s shrieked with amazement!

I also used their first and middle names, and gave everyone 5 minutes to come up with as many girl and boy’s children’s names as possible, the most remaining names that weren’t repeated, won a prize.

Then with the leftover gifts, we did a unique gift exchange.  With the first deck of cards, each person picked a card.  With a second deck of cards, when I called out a card that matched one of the guests, they went and picked a gift, until the gifts were gone.  With the remaining guests, I continued to match their cards, and then they had the chance, to go steal from someone else, and one must throw one or two gag gifts in, like a roll of toilet paper!

After she opened up her gifts,  everyone gave words of wisdom for her.  Some were, “Your best friend is your husband”, “Roll your pennies, and loose change, and save it up for a small holiday ~ travel and make memories together”, “keep a budget, it doesn’t restrict you, it really does free you.”, “Feel confident in your efforts, so even if you were never thanked because you cleaned or cooked a meal, it won’t bother you.” , “Sometimes it takes time, for your husband, to realize how he might of hurt your feelings, it may be years down the road”, and the favourite that got a lot of laughs, ” if ever in a fight with your spouse, fight naked”

Happy Wedding to be!


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