Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Day 65, 365 Photo Project, ~July 2, 2011 July 2, 2011

“I start with the story, almost in the old campfire sense, and the story leads to both the characters, which actors should best be cast in this story, and the language. The choice of words, more than anything else, creates the feeling that the story gives off. ” -Donald E. Westlake 

Funny, how once the sun goes down, and the fire starts to burn on the logs, a child will turn on the glow of the flashlight.  It will light up his face only, as he starts to tell his story.   Other children huddle under blankets on their chairs, as they try NOT to listen, and parents wonder if they are going to be able to sleep with out children disturbing them in the night, because of the potential of nightmares!


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