Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

What a view! Day 31, 365 Photo Project, ~May 29, 2011 May 29, 2011

  “A photographer without a magazine behind him is like a farmer without fields.”  ~Norman Parkinson

Beautiful sight that these farmers create with their farm equipment.  How is it possible that they can stay within the lines, as they create their field of dreams!  

I love the sights from airplanes.  I love flying, especially the take offs, and the landings!   I also find I love the concept of everything being really small, like an assortment of lego pieces, waiting for my creation or placement.  Looking down, I see the new playgrounds, the perfectly planted trees, the semi trailers lined up, as well as the train cars.    I love hotwheel cars, as our cars appears so little like them, when up high.   I love viewing the swimming pools in yards.    It makes me feel like playing some sort of computer game like civilization, where I can create my own world.   As, I look around at the familiar surrounding as we descend and realize the many people I know, and where they live, and what the buildings are where, it gives me a better understanding of the world from above.   That our creator, our Heavenly Father, looks upon our whereabouts, he’s bound by the natural laws, that he can’t always interfere in  causing natural consequences  not to harm us and he respects our agency.  How else would we learn, if we didn’t have hardships, trials, or have the opportunity to work together and serve.    He overlooks us all,  as we interact with each other, and he knows us all so well,  as he looks upon us in our travels where ever we may go and do!  Christina


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