Christina Parker Photography

"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Playing in the rain, Day 30, 365 Photo Project ~May 28, 2011 May 28, 2011

“Life is like a rainbow.  You need both the sun and the rain to make it’s colours appear.” ~author unknown

I actually did not take any pictures today, as I was too busy shopping at outlet malls (although I did take my camera along!), and then I really want to take some night pictures, but with my flight leaving so early, I didn’t have the time to play around.  So, here is a picture, I took just a few days, ago at Busch Gardens, of one of colourful birds the rainbow lorikeet, really enjoying all the water.  I dedicate this picture to those in Calgary and surrounding areas, who endured a week of soggy rain, flood alerts, evacuations, and flooded basements, while I enjoyed a week of 10-15 degrees above average in Florida!  We did have one down pour on Friday night, that had over 850 lightening strikes, and started wildbush fires in Orange County.

and 5 hours later…when I was up driving to the airport…very smokey, and we need the humidifier on! Christina


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