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Demolishing?? Day 21, 365 Photo Project, ~May 19, 2011 May 19, 2011

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“My career was 100% different from what I intended to do.  I thought I’d photograph nature and landscapes, but I wound up photographing the changing of the times”.   ~Charles Moore

Today, I had Carolyn come from the Chinook Gardener Ltd.  She specializes in landscape design, build and Consulting.  I knew Carolyn years ago at our children’s school, and we were auction partners.  It nice that we think a lot alike.  I want her thoughts and a design plan to change up my yard, to clean it up.

We moved into this home a few years ago, with the landscaping already done. 

The rock fountain to the side, has never worked, as we don’t know how to hook it up, and with the combination of having a dog, and I’m sure kids climbing on it too, it has crumbled on down.   What an eye sore.

Then last summer, the hot tub has broken down, the heat pump has gone on it! It would cost a min. of $1,000 to replace the heat pump, and then it also needs a new cover for the hot tub.  The hot tub is old, at least 10 years, and I’m not too sure what the life expectancy is on hot tubs.    

Then off to the side are some garden beds, that need to be changed up, too.  I’m hoping to do some backyard improvements, slowly.

It’s going to be a gradually process, with a lot of sweat and slivers, but if anyone is up to wanting our tub, it can be up for grabs!    Christina


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