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"Preserving Time for Generations to Come"

Rainy Days, Day 20, 365 Photo Project,~May 18, 2011 May 18, 2011

“It wasn’t raining, when Noah Built the ark!”

Today, I actually didn’t get around to taking pictures.  I was madly rushing through cub pictures to resize and edit, and get them printed for tonight’s activity night.  I unfortunately, put some in small resolution, which made those look badly.  I didn’t have the time to correct, to get them printed for tonight’s last activity for the season.

So, for today’s post, I have included one of my stock images. 

Considering in the past 6 months these are some of events that may have you to reconsidering  saving up for a rainy day, and to realize that May is Preparedness month.

New Zealand Earthquakes

Australia Flooding

Egypt Uprising

Earthquake in Japan/Tsuanami

Libya Uprising

Tornadoes in Midwest, the destroy a city in Alabama

Flooding of the Mississippi

Syria Uprising

And in my own province: Slake Lake, Alberta Wildfires that have already destroyed 30% of their city, a certain # of fires, are still burning out of control, as many residents are getting frustrated as they have no idea if they still have a home to return too.

SO, if you haven’t yet started a little rain day fund, start today! Even putting aside $1 a day, can get your started, and in a year, you will be $365 richer! It’s best to have small bills or coins on hand.  You never know if and when you might need it, and if and when you might not be in your home, so don’t forget to pack up your emergency 72 kits, and have a small currency on hand.   As, if you need gas, and there is no power for credit card/debit cards working, they won’t be able to give you change, but will take what you have to give.   Christina .


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