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Plumbing 101, Day 18, 365 Photo Project ~May 16, 2011 (there is a giveaway until May 19!!) May 16, 2011

I had a problem of leaking on my hands, and it was starting to get a lot worse!  I couldn’t ever keep this area from not getting mucked up. 

A lot of motivation of spring cleaning and trying to get my house back in order, kicked me into action!

3 trips to a hardware store, to finally decide on which tap I liked the best.  

Then, another 4 trips just to the store alone today.   Bought a basin wrench, and other tools, as unsure of how to get this metal piece off above the lines.  We had no idea, how it was being held.     Speaking to a plumber, he mention, how it was about the nuts, but we were still stumped.  It’s amazing how a simple piece of metal can be so intimidating! We just couldn’t figure out how to remove the bulky piece of metal that was up above.  

 But, the nut to us, was disguise, as it held water lines, what were these bulky pieces of metal, and how was it to be removed? Too many trips to Home Depot for tools and returns.  I learned from my amazing sister in law, that “Left loosie, righty, tighty”…but somehow underneath…I got all mixed up, and then I got worried, as I was twisting copper lines, up above, so I booked a plumber that could come this week.

Went and got a few more taps, considering, if I have a plumber coming, might as well, get other ones done, too…only I bought the wrong size!  The plumber, called to say they couldn’t come tonight, so rearranged for the morning.  Hmm..another trip to my plumber friend, with this picture in hand, he pointed out the nuts.  Really? That was it!  Back to the store, exchange taps, had already taken the basin wrench back, got some strong vice grips, and came back home to tackle this head on!

This was one project, I couldn’t do alone, as I didn’t have the strength in my arms! The shut off valves were really tight, and we didn’t want to cut the lines.  A lot of elbow grease from my husband, and we finally had it disassembled.  It was harder to get rid of the old, then put in the new!   The new tap, had a 7 step assembly! Not too many parts, and actually not even as intimidating as the clerk thought in the store, who stated it most plumbers didn’t like to do Delta Taps, it was very easy!! ! Little did she know, how simple it really was!  Yippee!! Now, I’m thrilled that I didn’t have to spend any extra money on having it installed by a plumber.   They say, installing kitchen faucets, are a beginner level, and I might add, they can be, if you have a lot of elbow grease for tight joints!  If it wasn’t for strong muscles and vice grips, we would not have been able to have accomplish this task!  Finally, we have a spray that works, and our tap isn’t leaky! One more return of extra supplies, that were not needed, but I might as well, wait until I finish the main floor bathroom taps, and hopefully no more leaks to come!


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