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Manhole Day 11, 365 Photo Project -May 9, 2011 May 9, 2011

“Life is like a sewer…what you get out of it depends on what you put into it”

I didn’t know that manhole’s in Calgary, looked so good, until I casually glanced down and saw this beautiful one! The City of Calgary, takes pride in making detail manhole covers, for those that work here!  According to Wikipedia, I found some interesting facts about manhole’s, they are made in circular shape, to prevent accidental falling into the holes.  In Europe, they are often found made with cement, and with metal.   In 2004, a lady walking her dog, in New York City, was electrocuted when she step on one, because of stray voltage.  In the 1990’s, Sacramento California, renamed manholes to maintenance holes, so there wasn’t any gender discrimination.  Having the same initials as “MH”, it eliminated the need to have to change all symbols on all the utility maps. 

So, next time, you’re out walking take a look at the manholes, and see if you can see any newer designs of them! Christina


2 Responses to “Manhole Day 11, 365 Photo Project -May 9, 2011”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    wow. You must have too much time on your hands if you are researching “maintenance holes”… just sayin’

  2. Well…I guess I should be spending more time exercising and cleaning my home!

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