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This is nuts! Day 5, 365 Day Photo Project, May 3, 2011 May 3, 2011


“The photography itself doesn’t interest me.  I want only to capture a minute part of reality”  -Henri Cartier-Bresson

Yesterday, I worked the Canadian Election, and my co-worker, Barbara, spoke to me about her son’s severe allergy to peanuts. It is amazing to me how many people over the years, have more severe allergies. I can count on 2 hands, people I know that have carry epi-pens for severe peanut allergies!

Barbara is a great advocate in educating the children in the schools, bringing awareness to them. She is a member of Anaphylaxis Canada. The elementary school my children attend is peanut free, and we are not to bring in peanut products.

Some parents still don’t get it!

Here is a quote from country music super-star, Trace Adkins on his daughter’s life-threatening food allergies to all nuts, dairy and egg:

“I was doing a radio-show interview the other day, and a listener called in and said, ‘I was told that I couldn’t bring something into my kids’ school because other kids were allergic, and that’s infringing on my freedoms.’ I thought, ‘You idiot. Bring something else. Are you seriously suggesting that you should have the freedom to kill my kid?”

Recently, in Calgary, a USA famous burger joint “Five Guys, Burger and Fries” just open up in the Deerfoot Meadow shopping area. The only specialize in burgers and fries, using fresh products, and hold numerous titles, of the world’s best burger!  Not having a serious peanut allergy, I went last week, and for the first time in Canada (I had them once before!) Juicy, fresh, crispy, unlimited toppings, and sea salt fries with malt vinegar divine!  But if you have a serious peanut allergy, I wouldn’t suggest you don’t even open the door handle! They cook in 100% peanut oil, and along the line up to the ordering counter, are rows of potatoes with stacks of fresh peanuts in their shells, for the customer to eat and disregard on the floor. The floor is covered with peanut shells.  If you didn’t know that this was the case, and you had a severe peanut allergy by casual contact, touching the door handle that could be contiminated by peanuts, could put you in serious harm way! 

I know not everyone agrees with peanut free schools, but it does involve good hygiene habits, and awareness in the role that we each play in supports those that have life threatening allergies!

Anaphylaxi Canda:  “SAFETM stands for: Support Allergic Friends Everywhere. While people who live with life-threatening allergies must take responsibility for their own safety, they should also be able to rely on community respect and support. Whether it is at school, or in the workplace, community understanding and awareness can make a big difference.”


3 Responses to “This is nuts! Day 5, 365 Day Photo Project, May 3, 2011”

  1. Bronte Couling Says:

    Who took this photo of the nuts? I am taking photos of nuts for my photography gcse so please let me know!

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