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Manners, Day 33, 365 Photo Project ~May 31, 2011 May 31, 2011



Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you to two of my children, that did what was expected, and not expected to helping out in cleaning up the kitchen tonight!  It only took a few minutes, but it saved me time!

Thank you!  Mom (Christina)


Fragance in the Air, Day 32, 365 Photo Project ~May 30, 2011 May 30, 2011

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush”. ~Doug Larson


Next time, I go outside to take a picture, I won’t wear sock feet, when it rained all last week!  Christina


What a view! Day 31, 365 Photo Project, ~May 29, 2011 May 29, 2011

  “A photographer without a magazine behind him is like a farmer without fields.”  ~Norman Parkinson

Beautiful sight that these farmers create with their farm equipment.  How is it possible that they can stay within the lines, as they create their field of dreams!  

I love the sights from airplanes.  I love flying, especially the take offs, and the landings!   I also find I love the concept of everything being really small, like an assortment of lego pieces, waiting for my creation or placement.  Looking down, I see the new playgrounds, the perfectly planted trees, the semi trailers lined up, as well as the train cars.    I love hotwheel cars, as our cars appears so little like them, when up high.   I love viewing the swimming pools in yards.    It makes me feel like playing some sort of computer game like civilization, where I can create my own world.   As, I look around at the familiar surrounding as we descend and realize the many people I know, and where they live, and what the buildings are where, it gives me a better understanding of the world from above.   That our creator, our Heavenly Father, looks upon our whereabouts, he’s bound by the natural laws, that he can’t always interfere in  causing natural consequences  not to harm us and he respects our agency.  How else would we learn, if we didn’t have hardships, trials, or have the opportunity to work together and serve.    He overlooks us all,  as we interact with each other, and he knows us all so well,  as he looks upon us in our travels where ever we may go and do!  Christina


Playing in the rain, Day 30, 365 Photo Project ~May 28, 2011 May 28, 2011

“Life is like a rainbow.  You need both the sun and the rain to make it’s colours appear.” ~author unknown

I actually did not take any pictures today, as I was too busy shopping at outlet malls (although I did take my camera along!), and then I really want to take some night pictures, but with my flight leaving so early, I didn’t have the time to play around.  So, here is a picture, I took just a few days, ago at Busch Gardens, of one of colourful birds the rainbow lorikeet, really enjoying all the water.  I dedicate this picture to those in Calgary and surrounding areas, who endured a week of soggy rain, flood alerts, evacuations, and flooded basements, while I enjoyed a week of 10-15 degrees above average in Florida!  We did have one down pour on Friday night, that had over 850 lightening strikes, and started wildbush fires in Orange County.

and 5 hours later…when I was up driving to the airport…very smokey, and we need the humidifier on! Christina


Dreams can come true, Day 29, 365 Photo Project, ~May 27, 2011 May 27, 2011

“All our dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them”.  ~Walt Disney

Cinderella testifies of it, and so does Walt Disney, that our dreams can come through, with  a lot of hard work.  Think of Cinderella, all her anguish she had to put up with all those chores, and her step sisters demanding more from her.  Walt Disney built an entire empire of make-believe, all because of a mouse.  I enjoy going to Disney World, but I even enjoy it more when I can see it through a young child, or someone who is there for the first time. 

Walt Disney gave me many happy moments in my childhood.  Robin Hood, Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan, Muppet movie, were some of the first movies I saw in the movie theatre as a child, which resulted in birthday cakes of Prince John, and Thumper.   Chip and Dale, were a fun Sunday Disney hour, as well as Mickey and his fellow comrades. 

With Toy Story, memories of our oldest, walking around with  mini action figures of woody and buzz in his rubber boots when he was 4, and Toy story has grown up with him.  Star Wars, my children never grew out of it.   

Wow, my many dreams have come true, and I’m thankful for the ways that they all have panned out!  Christina


Taking a plunge! Day 28, 365 photo Project ~May 26, 2011 May 26, 2011

“A bend in the road, is not the end of the road, unless you fail to miss the turn.”  ~author unknown

Today’s adventure Seaworld’s waterpark called Aquatica!  Two lazy rivers, one with tubes, and the other with life jackets.  The current is so strong in the life jackets ones, that when I tried to stop in the bend of the river, as Mike changed our his life jacket, I couldn’t as the current was too strong, and it pull me away.  I had to go around another time and stop at a different landing (blue is much better than red) that we finally caught up.    Wave pool, and a variety of slides, that included either rafts, mats, or just you.

A fun one, is riding as a single rider, and going in a tunnel and then shooting through a clear tube under water, where if you look fast, you pass by a group of comersion dolphins.  These dolphins, look like a small orca whales, put they aren’t.  The dolphins swim around the tubes, and are in their own pool of water.  It was another warm day, and even with several coatings of suncreen, we are showing bits of red skin, which is a sign that we truly are Canadians! Christina


The Heat is On! Day 27, 365 Photo Project, ~May 25, 2011 May 25, 2011

“Hockey Players have fire in their hearts and ice in their veins” ~Author unknown

Today, we spent the day at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. Saw some unique animals up and close, and went on some wet water rides! Busch Gardens is good if you like a lot of thrill rollcoaster rides, which I do, but I try now to limit them, with being prone to back and shoulder injuries. It has a component of wildlife preservation. Lots of parrots, birds, and wild animals. As a child, around the age of 9, was when I went to Busch Gardens for the first time. I have some fond memories, of spotting the rollercoaster with the loop in it, and going on it for the first time. Going on a log flume ride with my family members. I also had a snapping turtle hiss at me, so I’m not that fond of turtles, from that experience, and it’s also where I rode an elephant! I haven’t been back until this trip, We sought out the cover shade, as often as we could! I was trying not to complain of the heat, because being only May, I knew that the really hot weather wasn’t for a few months away. When we got back to the car at 4:30 pm, and saw the car reading the outside temperature, I realize, it was then okay, to say we endure the heat of 107 F! Whoa!! Hot Day

Then we went down to St. Pete’s Forum. I had gotten a ticket for Mike to see the sixth hockey game eastern final of the Tampa Bay Lightening vs Boston Bruins. He went to the game, and I went to see Pirates of the Carribean, and for the first 30 minutes, I was the only one in that theatre room.
Great game for Mike, and I had to included this picture with the McDonald’s Box office, as he loves Mickey Dee’s!